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Extrovert + Introvert / Introvert + Introvert pairings

Aside from my very first relationship with an IXFP, all of my relationships have exclusively been with extroverted males. Most of my friends are extroverts too. I kind of like it like that because I myself want to be a little more extroverted than I currently am, and my friends/relationship partners do encourage me to get out of my shell a little bit more. That, and I'm happier overall when I'm surrounded by more outgoing people because I engage with the world and get more stuff done than when I'm going through my 'hermit' phase. And if I do get all into myself, I know I can trust my friends to call me up and pull me out of my funk.

As for actually intimate relationships with extroverts, I don't really see much of a difference in the way we interact. I am much more gregarious and funny when I'm one on one with my partner and I think my partners always appreciated seeing that more 'secret outgoing side' of me that was almost exclusive to them. Meanwhile, I got to see their more introspective, vulnerable sides to their personality. In a way, we both had a 'special' side to share with one another that kind of heightened our intimacy because our natures kind of moved to blend together.
Extroverts absolutely drain me. It's like talking to a crowd of people, but in the form of one person. I want to go into a coma after talking to extroverts.
Really? So I could actually be an ESTP?

I always feel more comfortable on my own though, but my function order says differently.

It's possible. It's more unusual with ESxP's than with ENxP's because we have to worry about sensory overload more. I need some downtime every day. Still, the only way to find out is to experiment with it, try being more outgoing and see if it's exhausting or exciting.

Not all extroverts are social butterflies or talk all the time.
Still, the only way to find out is to experiment with it, try being more outgoing and see if it's exhausting or exciting.

Attempting that frightens the life out of me.

Yeah, maybe I am solidly introverted.
I'm very highly introverted but I love that I'm with an extrovert. Partly because it is like he has some kind of magic to him, another reason for me to admire and love and be interested in him.

I also get the benefits of his social life without having to do the work, which really I don't think I'm capable of anyway. Even if I am just hermiting around the apartment there is usually a friend or two of his around, so I never totally feel cut off from people the way I have in the past.

The only time we introvert/extrovert clash is at parties where I don't know anyone. He will run off and do the social butterfly thing, while I keep to myself in a corner somewhere. It does leave me feeling uncomfortable. I'll want to leave but stay so he can have fun, and I sometimes feel a little resentful towards him for ignoring me. I try not to act on those feelings though.
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My wife is an ESFJ, in a lot of ways it's like a yin and yang thing, a balance. I can't imagine how annoying we'd be if we were both as talkative as her or as quiet as me.

It is funny the way some of my personality has rubbed off on her over the years and hers to mine. She teaches me how to be more open and I teach her how to let shit slide.

It's a good thing we have the SF in common though, means we're both hopeless romantics in a concrete/tangible kind of way.