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  • I love to read both fiction and non-fiction.
    They are vastly different and both have their appeals.

    I do educate myself on my own.

    I went to the store. I paid my internet bill and bought some
    food. I wasn't going to, but then I saw this cauliflower salad
    and I had to. I hate spending money on food, though.

    Would you feel comfortable letting me read your paper?
    Ooooh, I may do this months then :)
    I'm just nervous that I won't be good enough :p

    We should sometime definitely have talks about this.

    How into your theory are you?
    Nope. I was double majoring for med school but what I want
    to specialize in I cannot due to a medical condition. Now I'm
    not really doing anything which is why I'm doing theorems on
    my own.... I miss school.

    It's really cool you're a mathematician :)
    I've been thinking about getting a pet fish.

    I would love to have a publisher, but I don't write enough for that.
    Not at all. I just have a lot of ideas and it takes me
    awhile to properly develop them :p The things I've
    posted here have all been personal so it's easy
    to just sit down and write them. But writing any kind
    of fiction usually takes me longer.
    It's a crazy little theory I have regarding types and their corresponding smiles. It comes from Pod'lair, but I think it holds some validity regardless. Basically, the more F you are, the bigger your smile will be. IxTPs tend to have a very contained, self-aware (Fe) smile, because they are Ti-doms and Fe is not immediate to them. Whereas IxTJs have a more open, unaware (Fi) smile, that's not as big as an F-type's (ENFJs have the biggest smile, for example), but bigger than an INTP's.

    Crazy, yes.
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