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Jul 10, 2009

May 24 2006


Imagine being able to instantly recall every experience you've had, every conversation you've had and every image you've ever seen. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel but thanks to senior Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell it may well be reality in the not too distant future. Bell's project MyLifeBits endeavors to put all of this information onto a database which will be searchable on your PC. If that's not eerie enough consider this other freaky development in science: Glenn Larsen, the chief scientific officer at Hydra Biosciences in Boston, is working on a regenerative technique that will actually encourage the body to heal itself. If Larsen's dream is realized humans will be able to literally grow a new heart after traumatic condition such as a heart attack. by Bill T. via Popular Science

A good or bad thing... or just ridiculous???
Reminds me of those memory glass tubes from hogwarts...
And no, I have no direct answer to this. (sorry, hehe)

I honestly think it sounds kinda cool, but like it would have some major drawbacks.
I'm a bit skeptical about all of this actually playing out but I'm inthralled that we are on the brink of developing new medical treatment for heart attack victims and such. Cardiovascular problems take the most lives in developed countries. As for the other I think: Wow are we getting that lazy that we don't want to recall things on our own now? lol But really that's so cool there are some many awesome moments that happen that you wish you could show people first hand but you can't. I can already see the long list of implications of possible abuse though. Peoples memory data base getting hacked or stolen. Being required to hand yours over to a court or government. It being issued to monitor behavior and activity etc. It all kinda sounds like science fiction though.
Actually what's sort of scary is the whole memory recall bit - especially if it gets into the wrong hands, or if the law or gov'ment gets hold of it.

I could see this information being used against someone.
Hm, I suppose that even if you wanted to remember every memory and every little detail of your life, it seems like a pretty useless device. It's like a portable brain you are carying with you. I don't really see a market for this, although maybe people with Alzheimer's could benefit from it

The spontaneous organ regeneration seems more useful though

yeah, dont get fit, grow a new heart
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I'm still waiting for the flying cars.

Oh! Oh! And the hoverboard I've been looking forward to that since I was 10.