Earthquake in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Australia.

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Shai Gar

Don't worry, I'm not hurt.
Unfortunately I still have to go to work tonight.
Want to post a link and put the contents in quotation?

5.0 on the richter scale. Most intense in Australian historical Records.
Want to post a link and put the contents in quotation?

5.0 on the richter scale. Most intense in Australian historical Records.

I haven't seen it on CNN, but if you have a news article, I want to read it.

All of these earthquakes is really starting to freak me out. This is severely abnormal.
Haiti and chile were normal. They are on the pacific rim of fire. Australia floats in the middle of a tetonic plate, the Australasian tetonic plate.

That is freaky. Freakier was that I has just finished writing, in full, an introduction to harvesting the breastmilk of a lactating mother who you abducted along with the infant taken to harvest for food.

Almost as if someone was trying to punish me, but missed. Haha God, your aim is shit.

(story is googlable)
Stop trying to bring about the Apocalypse.
Glad you're ok, Shai! Whew, shake, rattle and roll...

And I know it's all NF'y of me, but I always think of such things (increases of natural disasters) as portends of things to come. We need to listen and pay attention, because things are about to change on a massive scale.

To me, a light bulb goes off when an UNUSUAL natural disaster happens. You expect tornadoes in Texas; you do not expect earthquakes. You also don't expect weird, out of the blue occurrences when there's nothing else around to indicate something might happen.

*Shrug* I dunno. I pay attention to those things. They usually mean something major's about to change or shift in the next few months or years.
Wurt? Quick, grab your gold and run!
Hmph. When a woman is under severe stress, it inhibits her ability to lactate. Put that in your sickopedia pipe and smoke it. (J/K!!)

I'm very glad you are okay, however! Wow, 5.0 on the richter scale...
You'd probably have to do that. I don't know for sure! Depends on the dope of choice, and it would wind up getting in the breastmilk, so if you were planning to make cheese out of it or something, it might taste all funky. Which would probably be okay as breastmilk cheese would taste all funky in the first place.

(That is the only reason I can think of currently to harvest breastmilk.)
Oh... well... it would definitely get in the breastmilk and may not be sufficiently sedating.

You were planning to light up with her first before forcibly applying breast pumps? :m075:

Now, also, if you are going to do harvest breastmilk, you will need the hospital-grade breast pumps, don't even bother with the cheap over-the-counter jobbies. So your hero needs to be prepared for this kind of enterprise. (I really am just kidding, but if you are going to write this stuff, you should get your details right!)

I probably just need to read the story.
I would have to read your story first, but do you mean suggestions as to the story? Horror is not my forte, really, and I hate anything involving hurting children. If you took my suggestions the whole thing would probably devolve into one big LaLeche League meeting with all the mothers attacking the perpetrator -- ahem, I mean hero.

Or suggestions as to what brand breast pump? Hospital-Grade Medela brand works well. Or suggestions as to how to successfully extract breastmilk without causing lactation to cease? Well... hm, first you would have to make sure lactation is well-established, and then takes steps to ensure that the mother is not stressed so much that it stops once you start your harvesting. I don't know if some kind of drug would do that or if you would have to do something else relaxing.
norton, hmm, does anyone have any ideas what could aid in keeping the mother relaxed enough to lactate while kidnapped so you can harvest?
Glad to hear your craziness gets to live another day

But yah, something feels weird to me to, this is like what the 6th major earthquake this year
(chile, argentina, haita,china, australia, indonesia)
seems a little over active to me (correct me if i'm wrong)
There was an earthquake a few days ago (Friday April 16th) in Adelaide (for non Aussies - a near-coastal city on the central part of the South of Australia). It only measured 3.8

Earthquakes are pretty unusual in Australia - apropo Arbygil's post.
there is a record somewhere of earthquakes per year, location, intensity...

that should show you if it is out of the ordinary.