Don't Copy That Floppy


Permanent Fixture
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Musical and Informative!
Don't Floppy that copy!

[ame=""]YouTube- Youtube Poop: Don't Floppy That Copy[/ame]
Musical and informative and neon!

Oh, gosh. I was sold on the threat of no more Carmen Sandiego.
I'll never copy a video game onto a floppy disk ever again.
ROFL!! Oh, maaan. Brings back good times. Respect the mullet - RESPECT IT!!!

Heh. And this is why we have $60 games today, is that what they're saying? :P
Aw man. I missed out on the entire age when I would have fit in in the industry.
Back then geeks ruled. Today the rulers are those slightly nasty kids in school with a chip on their shoulder.
Anyway, it aint about the love anymore. Now its about getting rich fast.

Besides, today the wrap would be:

"Hey you,
Don't play for free!
Ask mom and dad,
and pay a small fee

Hey you,
fight in live factions
for change every day
from microtransactions!

Its like a slot machine,
But you can be a kid.
Do you have a dollar?
Then you can stroke your id!

25 cents....
for a potion
2 dollars for a coat
Now your game is in motion

Tiny fees!
too small to complain
Before you know it
your account we done drained......

peace out, Silicon Valley 2010"

And now for something completely different:
[ame=""]YouTube- The IT Crowd Piracy Ad[/ame]
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