Depression - how do you cheer yourself up?


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I know I know. There's always a thread about depression on forums. Annd they're usually just a whole bunch of people moaning. It may be true but I'd really like to write about this. So screw it.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression almost a decade ago (ouch!). I'm better than I was. I handle myself better nowadays. But right now I would like to have a nice long cry. I couldn't tell you why. I can't think of one thing to cry about. But I feel an overwhelming unhappiness. And I have definitely taken my meds today.

I can't cry however. The great misconception about the depressed is that they cry all the time. Not true. Some do. You're either the type to cry all the time or the type to never cry. One of the other. I'm in the latter category. Completely tearless even when I really want to cry. It pisses me off. Perhaps this has something to do with typology. I don't know.

To complete my moan on a bright note I will say this. I am an optimist in a way. I believe totally in the curability of clinical depression. I'm very good at "chin up" nowadays. I never let my depression get in my way anymore. But does anyone have any insights? Does anyone also feel depressed? How do you cheer yourself up? I need to cheer up!

Thanks, all. x
I use movies, music. I'm not clinically diagnosed with anything so I don't know what I could suggest but I find either sleep or understanding people lift the spirits somewhat.
I don't cry either. I can't even pretend so you're not alone there.
Exercise. It's proven to fight depression. Also Vitamin D, any way you can get it, either naturally or supplementary.

Definitely not sleep. Sleep is a form of escapism.
If I have a good supply, I usually go for strong percocet. This has the downside of potential addiction, though.

If I were around some I'd just hang out with friends for a drug-free way to enjoy life. Oh wait.. most of my friends do drugs.

I really did try to give a serious answer, but I thought for a few minutes and can't come up with anything that doesn't involve intoxication. Good thing I'm seeing someone.
Hopefully that gave you a chuckle.
I was seriously depressed a few years ago and no I didn't cry either, couldn't. I even tried really sad movies to make myself cry, anything for a release but I was just dead inside.
Time really was the only thing that got me out of it. I didn't take well to anti-depressants but sleeping pills helped me out because a depressed person who is also insomniac is a disaster.
I still have that feeling of sadness inside but I think I was born with it, it just seems to be a part of me. The overwhelming part went away though.
Wishing you the best. It's horrible to be depressed and people that haven't gone through it can't understand or help. I was lucky to have support from someone who did understand and had gone through it. We would go for long walks and not even speak, just breathe, kind of a mutual silent understanding.
I run out into the streets butt ass nekkid, throwing rose peddles onto the streets.

No, actually I just go to the gym.
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Everyone has said some good ideas so far (exercising and focusing on using foods as medicine, not medicine as foods). I also think you should try to gain enough confidence by doing research into the bad effects of medication. Most people who take medication for depression never get better, it is when they eventually find that they can stop taking medications and take a bit more control of their lives, little by little, that they actually get better. So in that regards, you should try finding areas that you feel confident about, any area, and start to just focus in that. NOT HYPER FOCUSING, but just start making time each day to do it and try to build some confidence around it. Lastly, reading some self-help books and philosophy books about life and it's meaning can help a lot too--avoid the nihilistic books and existential books until you can read them without feeling more depressed. Try engaging yourself in ideas that you feel conpelled to not normally do and really try to stretch yourself to do things that might normally upset you or make your feel only a bit uncomfortable. Don't start big, but just small things, and, as eluded, not necessarily things which really throw you off. But just small things. If you can combine all of these [in a balanced way] then I am absolutely sure you can overcome depression.
I listen to music, hangout with friends to get my mind off of it, paint. Its hard sometimes though because sometimes I dont really want to be bothered with anyone or anything.
When my depression is acting up, there's nothing I can do to make it go away; it only goes away on its own, usually after at least one to several days, though sometimes even longer than that.
Regular exercise, healthy eating, and sleep in moderation. I find that it is important to make myself get out so I do volunteer work, which helps fight the feeling of isolation that can creep up on me. I also tend to keep a pretty busy schedule, which doesn't give me much time to contemplate my life.
Right now I try to ground myself and meditate more, but my emotions some times get the best of me. I incorporate my depression in to my art sometimes much to the dismay of my teachers.
Well when I'm feeling a bit down, I like to go for a long walk or a long drive. Sometimes I'll hang out with a friend who I know is kind of in a funk also and listen to them vent. They cheer up for a bit and I get distracted. It's a win/win situation.
I suppose I should make one serious post in this thread.

I've found the best way to tackle depression is just to learn to not take life too seriously. It's just as much about having fun as getting work done. Shit happens, but life goes on. Once I remember that we are really all just a bunch of monkeys trying to get by, I feel like life is all about how I live it, not all those things I can't control.
I'm going to get more opiates to battle my depression.

Ah, hydromorphone, I can't wait until we meet again..

I wish I had the capacity to believe in God. It seems to work for everyone else.
Engage Se, get active and do things that bring me into the moment.
I play my guitar - usually my acoustic. I express my depression through meditative dissonant chords. This sends it out of me and into the air, where it dissipates. Afterward, I take a nap.
I play my guitar - usually my acoustic. I express my depression through meditative dissonant chords. This sends it out of me and into the air, where it dissipates. Afterward, I take a nap.

YOU CRACK ME UP. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Oh, I'm screaming again, silly me. :ml:

AND my house is clean...mmm-i carry on...
Exercise. Preferebly something that gets the adrenelin going and using a sauna/steam room afterwards is GREAT for feeling invigorated.I honestly would die without starting the day in this manner.Totally clears the cobwebs!
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