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Apr 17, 2009
So, I was IM'ing with an old friend of mine this morning, just chit chatting about nothing and he mentioned some of the artists he admired while in college. Anyway, he seemed to think it was ridiculous that he ever looked up to the people he did, and said if he could go back and meet his former self he would slap that (explitive deletive) in the face and knock some sense in to him. Of course, this was meant to be funny, which it was, but at the same time, I thought it was a great idea. What would I tell the me from 7 to 8 years ago, some of the hardest part of my life? What would you say?

I thought we could use this thread like the Dear so and so thread, but instead it will be Dear Me from the Past, or even Dear me in the Future..

I'm going to think about what I would say, and come back.
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Great idea :)

ok, here goes.

Dear 1999 version of me,

I love you. It's taken me these ten years to realise it, but I do. I wish I could have known this when I was with you. Things would have been so much easier. University is a waste of time, but do go back anyway and have a lot of fun. Just don't get infatuated with that skater girl again. she's great, but she's not for you. Make the most of being the only person you know who likes 80s Hair Metal. You have until approximately 2005 to feel unique about that. If you grow your hair long, get it straightened this time, and before that, if you dye it pink, please get someone to take a photo.
On a serious note, there are so many things I would guide you through, but I wouldn't want to change you or anything, other than for your experience to have been happier, and for that to have impacted positively on those around you.

Bless you,

Your ten year older self

ps. Enter the national lottery on 5th June this year with these numbers:
11 20 24 28 35 48
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This is a great idea for a thread!!
And Elf: I love 80's hair metal as well. Nobody ever stops making fun of me for it, but nonetheless, I love on..

Dear me,

Whatsoever you want from others, you've got to give it.
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Dear me,

Yeah, don't waste your money on Lois and Clark Past Season 1, seriously, show sucks.

-Future you.
Dear silly early 20's me,

Don't even bother trying to pierce your own nose with a sewing needle. It's only going to get infected and close up anyway.
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Dear Prince Shai Gar (June 1999, I hope),

I'm your older self, from 2009. Yes, I still haven't been murdered, that guy from msn was an idiot. Heh. Treasure him though, he's the first of many MANY death threats. They never cease being awesome. Oh right, proof. You still haven't told anyone yet, but when you fantasize about meeting future you, there's always an epic fight where future you counters all your attacks and knocks you on your arse, but forgets how ruthless you are and you break his(my) ankle and gain the upper hand. Well, we do have time machines in my year now, but physics doesn't allow for going back past the time when the time machine was switched on... yet... Heh, Drop bears are real now. Turns out they were a story that was originally true when Australia was colonised, but the animal was hunted to extinction. Cloning in my age has progressed far past Dolly the sheep and these Native "Megafauna" are slowly being reintroduced to the wild. Also, remember your first written story? the one you never told anyone about and burnt because you knew it would scare everyone? Three words; "meat", "grinder", "stupidbitchfromacrosstheroadwhocheatsinsoftballandnooneletsyouhitherbecauseshe'sagirlthehypocriticalsexistbastards". That should be enough.

I've got a few words of advice, for you, and I'm not going to take any of the pain away... it's all just a building block for where I am right now and in case you're not in an alternative timeline like the one future trunks created when he went back in time, I don't want to fuck things up for me.

First of all, read the Terry Pratchett book "Johnny and The Bomb", it'll explain a lot, especially the last bit where wobbler gets a letter from wobbler.
Build a world inside your mind to retreat to when things get boring, read Dreamcatcher and Silence of The Lambs to find out how.
Laughing is cool and good for your health, ignore the peons who look at you funny when you cry because of it.
Don't go to the U.S.A. in 2001, or London in 2004.
DO buy Joshua Pitchford plane tickets for United Airlines Flight 175, from Boston to LA for September 11 2001. Don't tell anyone you did. *high five*
Love every single girl that you love, as much as you can. None of them will last, but that's okay, they're preparation for the real one(s).
There'll be a few INTP girls (don't worry, you'll find out what that means) down the track. Treasure them, they're perfect.
You're not a psychopath, you've just got a dark sense of humour. Aforementioned INTP girls will love you for it. Noone else will.
Follow politics intently, we do eventually get into it. Bet against Labour winning any federal elections until 2007.
All the money that you win in any bets, put it into a timelocked account until june 2009.
There's a game you should introduce at school. It's called The Game. The rules are that if you hear about the game you're playing the game, anytime you remember the game you lose, and you never cease to play the game, also, when you lose you have to say "I just lost the game".
If a horse wins the melbourne cup twice in a row, bet on it for the third time. HEAVILY.
When she does it, 2001, Three years below you, cease all affections for her. I did, it hurts less. Actively hate her for it.
You'll never get good at Job Interviews. Accept it. Move on.

I've since upgraded my status too. I'm no longer Prince Shai Gar, I'm now simply Shai Gar, Emperor of God. He who is Reality.

Oh yeah, try remember that story you wrote when you were 5. It's intense and terrifying sure, but put it in that timelocked account and it'll probably sell well as a childrens story, they're getting darker and darker. People actually like peadophile stories now, a book series about it got turned into a movie last year and all the girls are liking it. Odds are good you'll be the new Grimms Brothers.

Cheerio, Don't stop trying to sleep with every girl you can, it'll provide endless amusement for your friends years down the track when you recall the stories drunk.

Shai Gar, Emperor of God. He who is Reality.
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Dear Self,

Don't drop out of school it was a bad choice. And don't date that **** fellow he ended up being creepy. And you have social phobia I suggest you go on antidepressants asap. And you don't want to be an engineer trust me you don't it doesn't mean you are unintelligent. Love your mother she ended up being supportive, and give **** a sharp kick for me he needs to wake the hell up and realize he is hurting you.

Here is some wisdom I have garnered between hither and thither. Don't worry so much about who you want to be, be who you are it is very relaxing. Everyone makes mistakes it is probably best to stop worrying about them and commit to improving when they happen. Just don't even worrying about doing it right. Be careful about who you open up too not everyone is trust worthy, and remember to keep other peoples secrets. And you are a great person with flaws, not a bad person with virtues.

And be honest with yourself, lying only makes things worse.

Your Future self

PS Can you get on living by these peaces of advice so I don't have to struggle with them so much?
Dear Milon,

If you do what you've always done, you'll be what you've always been. Are you happy with that? No? Then trying something new. Try liking yourself. It's weird at first, but pretty awesome once you get used to it, friend.

And stop trampling on your heart and your passions. That seriously won't help you at all. Your heart and your passions are what motivate you. Take that away, and you drift, you stagnate, and suffocate. Trust me, it's not cool, don't go there.

Also, you're an INFJ. Not an ISTJ, not an INTJ, a bona fide INFJ. You'll learn what that means soon enough, or look it up if you get too curious. And then you'll want to meet other INFJs. And you will. Life's funny like that.

Remember that life comes with no guarantees. You're not guaranteed a job, an education, or even your next breath. So stop waiting for a safe job or a riskless venture. Everything in life is risk. And the good news is it's all risk you can manage. You're a lot stronger than you know.

What would you do if you weren't afraid? Give it some thought, then go do it.

I know you, and I love you. DO NOT FORGET THAT!
Dear younger me,
Yes, you will live to see ten, be more careful climbing things because you are clumsy. Don't eat the mushrooms from the yard, it's not worth it. Your brother is not always right. Save all of your chocolate to tease him with after he eats all of his.
Don't let your ballet teacher put you on point until you are 13. Quit gymnastics by ten, it really isn't worth it. Have more fun with your friends and don't hold things in so much. Eat and stop taking diet pills, you were meant to have curves, it doesn't mean you are fat. Just because your friends don't have them doesn't mean they are bad.
When you are 16 don't let that boy hold that bat. You will get a concussion and more problems will come up later.
When you have your third baby leave your husband and get back to the US. He doesn't love you and it isn't worth all the pain. It will not be fun, but trust me wait until you have the third baby. You can do it on your own. Enjoy being single for a while and don't get involved with goofy long haired hippies. Go back to school. Oh, and get child support and what ever housewives get in a divorce too.
Find out what SCA , Gemini Party, and Country Fair are. You will probably find out at a comfy coffee house. You are excellent at helping out at these events and they will love you.
You are going to be fine, you will find friend who are real. Your family cares for you more then you know. So, enjoy. I can't help you with everything, but you are strong and smart. Learn all you can, pay more attention in your language classes and watch more telly and movies.

You, 2009 (you are right about the whole year 2000 thing. Feel free to laugh at everyone.)
nothing, becaus all the hardships iv had im my life have made me who i am today, and i don't want to change,
but i suppose it would have to be "no, don't pick the dasies"
Dear Anica,

DON'T marry ANYONE. Stay unattached and follow your dreams. Go to Paris with Pixie Thompson or take Alice up on her offer to go to New York. Have adventures instead of looking for someone to keep you from flying off the planet (DO get a psych eval--there are little pink capsules that will do the job better than marriage). Don't be afraid of your passionate nature; it's part of who you are and you are perfect just as you are.
Don't regret anything. Take every day as new and don't try to plan so much. Focus on your writing. Don't let anything get in the way of that..

You'll meet your soulmate late in life. Enjoy him for who he is, but keep writing and whatever else you do, DON'T MARRY HIM.
Dear Me (at 19)

Things have been pretty hard for you and rather hectic lately huh? I wish I could say its going to get better soon, but there is more up the road for you to handle. Don't worry, you are a good person, and you are not all of those things your family thinks that you are. You don't have to compromise yourself out of spite, and no matter how you try to be bad, it really just isn't in your nature. So instead just keep being yourself, even if you're lonely for a while. That will change, and we have a good life now. Here in the future we even have a decent friendship with mom.

Remember to treat everyone the way you would want to be treated, and go easy on the people that you can tell really like you. Be upfront with the fact that you are in a bad place right now, and need to be alone.

There are a lot of times that you will handle things in a way that in looking back will make me proud. Thank you for those memories. And then there are a few things in which I can say I am not so proud of. Our hardships have helped to mold us, I will not ask you to change that, but there are others in our life too. Don't forget that.

Spend time with Junior. He has always been more than an uncle and you know it. Finish every letter you've started to him, and send it. He needs to know what he means to you, that you remember him daily, that you were aware of the sacrifices he made for you. Tell him how much you appreciated him being more than a father figure, tell every time you needed him, he was your friend.

Do not worry yourself so much, darling. Life has a funny way of working itself out. Trust me, trust you. Always go with your instincts on people, you have a great intuition. And have more REAL fun. Experience things. Live, laugh... and as always love.
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Dear me,

honestly, life is gonna be hard. But enjoy secondary school while you can. More than I did if thats possible. 'cos honestly, I'm not sure if you will ever find such good friends and times again. It may sound stupid but the life you think you're gonna have when you graduate is not gonna happen. Its just gonna become shit and spiral to become worse than shit and spiral down even worse than that. But heres the bright side. In that shit, you're gonna learn more things than you have ever learnt and actually learn to enjoy the shit you're going through and even appreciate it.

p.s: stay away from istjs. trust me. a very good friend but its gonna get messy.
Dear dneecey at 19,

Don't get married. Instead, go to australia. In central Queensland there's a boyo who's really awesome and cute.

Date him.
My dear high school self:

I know this is going to sound backwards, but I want you to study less and have a lot more fun! You don't need to be perfect, and you will get into all the universities you want (regardless of what they tell you). Although the friends you have now are amazing life-long friends, you need to get outside yourself and socialize more with other people. I promise that you can do it. The only one who thinks you are broken is, in fact, you.

Also - go to Guelph. It may seem bizarre to you now. But there your soul will grow. And - chemistry is not your strong point. Accept it, and move on.
"You don't have to compromise yourself out of spite, and no matter how you try to be bad, it really just isn't in your nature. So instead just keep being yourself,"

woah you went through a phase of being bad too huh, me too, i just felt awkward the whole time. the "bad" clothes weren't that nice either
Bump, so I can add a new reply almost 9 years later, once I’ve thought it through more. :m163: