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Corrupt a Wish...

granted your braking systems dont work.

i wish i could lose weight

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Wow! I really screwed that up!
Granted, but you end up overshooting and dieing by means of your body devouring itself
I wish I could turn back time and never meet Sam... so he could never hurt me
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Granted! But you also lose part of yourself and are a weaker person because of it. Remember, the past makes us who we are.

I wish today was tomorrow.
Granted. But, you miss out on your true love proposing to you

I wish I could tell Sam, that I do still love him, without hurt Chester
Granted but now Chester no longer exists in your memory.

I wish I had all the answers to all the questions.
Granted! But now you don't know the questions.

I wish I could play the drums.
Granted, but drums become explosives.

I wish my life was not chaos
granted, but you teleport into a brick wall

wish i could fast-forward ads on tv with my mind
granted, but you miss out on that balding miracle cure that you really need.

i wish i could draw.
granted but .. NOTHING. because drawing is frustrating enough, you become your own biggest critic!

wish i was a better artist !
granted, but noone else appreciates your work.
in a very vincent van gogh manner you passionately end your own life
and become an immediate phenomenon afterwards.

i wish i could read minds.
granted but you can only read them when they're having really boring thoughts, like what to eat for lunch :p

wish i had a magic genie that would grant me infinite wishes
granted, but your genie is more needy than you are and only grants them when he's well fed.

i wish i was pro at first person shooter video games
granted but now it's no fun because there's no one you can compete with on your level

wish i wasn't addicted to the internet :|
granted. you are just starting to enjoy the warm weather of spring/summer time when you get abducted by a lunatic. and raped. and murdered. bummer.

i wish someone understood me.
Granted. You find yourself on the top of a tree with a lumberjack stood under you, wielding an axe.

I wish I lived in a mushroom house.
Granted, you will now be confined to a dark, cool, moist corrugated iron shed filled with shelves and shelves of trays of mouldy cow manure sprouting forth the mushrooms people eat.



I wish I had a real starship (Star Trek variety) with full features and armed crew completely loyal to me personally.
Granted! Darth Vader puts your entire crew into a vice grip with his mind. They all die and you are doomed to float in space for eternity.

I wish I was a Jedi.