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Cool bands made uncool


Bearded Dancing King
Nov 17, 2008
Haha! This happened on Facebook today, and it seemed like so much fun I thought I'd bring it on over here to share with y'all. Maybe it won't last too long, but it'll be a laugh while it does.

Here's what went down on FB:

Band of Horsies

Neko Pencilcase

Iron & Zima


The Rolling Steins

Craft Work

You Two!

Aluminum alloy Maiden

A Group of People Called Seeking

Fleetwood PC

Imogen Cheap


Daft Pink

Public Irritant


Three out of Four Elements

Radio on the Radio

The Pixels (or The Peskies? That last one is mine, and I couldn't decide which was more uncool.)

Now - your turn! :)
Crack Sabbath - which is a real band I saw once.
I have alot more bands that I listen to that are well known, but there are only a few where I am bothered by all of their popularity, and it has effected them in some way (thus effecting their music), and I have an adversion to them as a band, and somewhat dislike their music, but I still like it enough to listen:

Crystal Castles (Good music, but the band members are horrificly conceited, mean, and self-absorbed)
Goldfrapp (She tried just a little to hard on her 4th work)
Ladytron (Post second album, it went to their heads, there new stuff is horribly generic.)
Uhh... I think you missed the point of the thread

Massive Coronary
Naw, it's all good... sometimes they can get a bit abstract... I had to explain to one of the people on FB what I meant by "A Group of People Called Seeking."

Explanations may be necessary in this thread. (But not until requested. :wink:)
Boards of Canada

It's late so I'm not going to throw a contribution in at this time, but I'd like to say that if I ever meet anyone who has something against Boards of Canada, we're going to have very big problems. I might just have to smite them.

Most people I know have never heard of them, though. Are they actually popular where you're from?

Just FYI; I've seen reports of Crystal Castles ripping off other people's material. From what I've heard of them they kind of seem like douches, but I can't say anything about their music as I've never heard it. If it really has been lifted from other artists then I'm not interested.
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Deaf Leopard

A Motley Crew

Pale Serpent

The Vincent Furnier Group

Female Monarch

Haha! My friends and I want to start an all woman feminist punk rock band called, "Tony and the Girls' Night Out" because for awhile, our friend was impossible to make plans with without her boyfriend [Tony]. It went so far as us bar crawling in Chicago and him texting her from the bar next door (he lives in Indiana. Wtf?)
My Comical Romance.

Agreed, on the original.

I can't stand emo bands that pass themselves off as punk. I'd love to see this lot perform as a cover for Sex Pistols in the 70's. You know... if they were able to walk off the stage without broken bones from sid, that'd be amazing.