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Control freak?

Nope, I control my own actions extremely well, but I refuse to control anyone elses.

I prefer to let them make their own choices, and then act on that.
It's fortunate that I'm neither influential enough or evil enough to be a totalitarian dictator.
I fancy myself as a puppeteer of sorts.

Not really a control freak though, it wears me out.
When you can see an easy solution that no one else can and you try to direct them down the route that will take them there, does that make you a control freak, helpful, or both? ^.^
I like to be in control of certain things, I never am, but that doesn't bother me. I like to manage and lead, but control no!:m052:
Are you a control freak?

I am a control freak only in the aspect that I react strongly to people who are control freaks.

I am a control freak to control freaks. Otherwise I try and let people be themselves and be comfortable and happy.
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I'm not really. I'm kind of laid back, actually. Although there are some things I like at least being aware of.
Very much so. In the sense that I want to control my world, feeling, emotions, thoughts, ect.

In reverse to gloomy, I am actually rather high-strung.