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Computer Problem


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Mar 9, 2009
I'm having a problem where my computer's CPU will randomly jump up to 100% and stay there while I'm on Firefox or Internet Explorer. I'll be on here, and then it will freeze and I have to restart my computer. I don't know what to do about it. It is really hard to find driver updates to download.
It's probably not a driver problem if this has happened recently. Is this just occurring in Firefox and IE? Try it in Safe Mode and see what happens. Have you scanned for spyware?

If you don't think it's spyware, it could be a problem with your RAM or hard drive. More details on your part would be helpful.
This is fairly recent. Its been going on for maybe two weeks. It is just firefox and IE. I have ran Ad-Aware and Sophos Anti-Virus.

How do I run it in safe mode? If it is a problem with my RAM or hard drive, how can I tell? I really don't want this to be a hardware problem.
Are you running the latest updates for Firefox and IE? I've noticed that FF just had a new update, and before then my computer was running high.

They're also prepping for Windows 7, so maybe...meh, I dunno.
I downloaded the latest version of Firefox to try to fix this. It didn't work.
Keep pressing F8 as your computer boots up and it will eventually come to a screen that lets you select some alternative boot options. You want "Safe Mode with Networking".

Try Malwarebytes Anti-malware. I haven't used Ad-aware in years, so I don't know how effective it is now.

Also, make sure your hard drive doesn't need to be defragmented. If you're using Windows XP, go to Start->Programs->System Tools->Disk defragmenter. Click "analyze," and if it says your hard drive needs to be defragmented, then do it (this will take awhile).

If you have Vista, that introduces another set of problems.
I'm on Vista Ultimate.

I checked earlier and it said that my harddrive doesn't need to be defragmented. I'm running Anti-virus software now (AVG free). Will that work, or do I need to get some anti-malware software as well?
Update flash and java, too. Firefox 3.5.3 and IE8, right?
Even a highly fragmented hard disk wont cause CPU usage to spike at random times, it will just make it take longer for the computer to open programs and files.

Also, AVG will do an okay job, but it can't detect everything -- especially rootkits (malware that hides itself by replacing or otherwise messing with system files) and some other types of malware. Your ideal computer will have ONE antivirus program, and one or more antimalware programs.

Anyways, can you find any common ties between the problems?

It could have something to do, for example with Flash (ie: if it freezes up a lot when pages utilizing flash applets are in use). Or perhaps FF/IE are using the same addon and the addon is causing a problem.

Could also be a driver issue, like if flash applets are utilizing video acceleration and the driver is flawed, or the ethernet or wireless driver hiccups when trying to establish a connection to a website.

Usually there is a cause of some kind, and this cause is from a recent change or activity to the system (like a recent windows update). It helps to be as specific as possible when reporting a problem. This includes going into the system/application logs (in XP you could view them by going to the control panel -> administrative tools -> event viewer) and posting any 'error' and 'warning' entries that it reports.

My point is, its important to trace any changes that happened to the computer at the same time the problem started occuring, and be detailed when explaining the problem -- the vaguer you are the harder it is for someone to help you.
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