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Apr 20, 2009
What do you compromise on, and what are things you will not? Is compromise an important part of living?
Society is a compromise. We compromise on almost everything. Read Hobbes. Then read some other stuff.
I compromise but as I've been told I rarely compromise far from the line I started on unless I'm happy to or I think that I don't have a right to. So I guess most of the rest of the time I just manipulate in a way that seems like compromising though I manipulate for just/fair outcomes which would have otherwise left people upset.

I will not compromise my morals though. I will accept the morals of others because I accept everybody has different views but I will not conform.
Usually if someone asks me to do something or if they can do something, I say 'I don't care, sure'. I don't really have strong preferences. What movie we go to, where we go to eat, I couldn't care less.

There are some things I care about, and if I care about it usually I'll express that preference and people will let me have my way with it. I've been called stubborn before though, so usually I'll get my way even if it's disagreed upon. But since that so rarely happens, most people see me as agreeable.
It is very diffucalt for me to explain the kinds of things that I compromise, but I usually do compromise on most things, more so then others are willing to do. I am usually the universal mediator in a group and end up being the person that comes up with a compromise when an argument comes up. although, I won't compromise something if I feel it puts me at too great a risk of getting caught doing something I should not do, or if I would be hurt (more so physically then emotionally).