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Choose your own adventure games


Emancipator of Poultry
Mar 18, 2009
Found this recently and thought it was pretty neat

There's two there, but more are being worked on. One follows the life of a naval officer similar to the setting of Horatio Hornblower, and the other is about the life of a dragon.

A neat feature is there is scripting there for you to make your own.
I've been obsessed with those, when I was young. :shy:

Read hundreds, and have written some.. :awkward:

They are close to what is more popularly known as role-playing games; like a single player of it. ^_^ Funny, I never got much into computer games though, despite also programming dozens of games on my first two computers. It was more interesting for me how to make them than to play them xD
Ooh I used to love these as well. Took it a bit too personally though, when I got killed off through making the wrong choice. LOL
The dragon one is quite fun. Unfortunately, it eventually crashed my browser on me twice today. So fun up to a point!
Yeah I'm not sure what's up with that. At least it saves your progress though so you can come back in to the story right where you left off.
Enjoying the dragon game so far :) Thanks Cecliff2
Definitely thanks! I lived my dragon life...and now I'm on a second dragon life. :D