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Sep 27, 2009
I don't know why this is but I just can't stop :m196: posting these damn monkeys!!!

Nose monkeys :mill:
Tongue monkeys :mp:
Teeth monkeys :m196:

I can't stop

Clothed monkeys:m123:

Fun monkeys :m058:

Thief monkeys:mxmas: (what, you preferred wreath?)

Flower monkeys:m045:

Power monkeys :m186:

Monkeys that dance :mhula:

And like romance :m085:

Monkeys that pee:m156:

Monkey times three :m056::m056::m056:

It's hard to think i could post more

But who knew monkeys could love war:m088:

Ok, ok ill take a break

But how much more can this monkey take:m133:

Oh my monkey addiction, can I find the source?

Who cares? We have monkeys who know the force:mjedibr:

Well by now you must be getting bored :m080:

But these aren't the monkeys you're looking for :mcute:

Monkeys that study:mk:

Monkey's my buddy :m145:

Hey that certainly isn't cool

Though I can always watch this monkey drool:m169:

Ok by now I've had enough

But hey this monkeys not so tough:m031:

I've never seen a monkey fire:m140:

Ok, ok, I retire :m095:

I hope you enjoyed this monkey show

I regret to tell you that I must go

But that's ok it was getting old

Yet still there remain, monkey tales untold
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It looks like the monkey lovers user group now has an anthem.
You should try to have that published. :D I'm a fan!
This is why I support death penalty
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We should make use of our ISTP assassin.
It's def time to step up the monkey survivor elimination from 1 monkey per week to 5.

This thread is utter proof.
Thanks for all the positive responses, and sorry to Sithious and Zero Angel for offending your delicate sensibilities. Quite a strong emotional response for a monkey rhyme, what happened? (I knew I should have said Wreath Monkey)
sorry to Sithious and Zero Angel for offending your delicate sensibilities.
Awww, when you apologize like that it's just so hard to stay mad at you.