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Are these women ISTPs?

enfp can be shy

people vs the bad people?
Oct 3, 2009

Unrelated question, do you think Nikola Tesla could have been ISTP, not INTP?
Compare with one INTP:
And one ISTP:

I think many of the INTPs are ISTPs, but since the latter type is considered about manual work only (which is absurd prejudice), many thinkers are automatically assumed to be Ns. It will take some time to realize just how many of the famous intellectuals are Sensors. Another greatly underestimated type is ISTJ, so people type many ISTJs as INTJ.
Well ruling out S's as being thinkers is ridiculous. According to Carl Jung the 4 types that have thinking as their dominant function (both extraverted and intraverted) are ESTJ, ENTJ, ISTP, and INTP.

I agree though that many ISTP's can come off as INTP. I myself have a weak preference of S and can sometimes move into N territory.

You also have to consider that ISTP's are practically bipolar. A lot of the time they can sit about doing nothing, then suddenly run off on an adventure at the drop of a hat. This can make it difficult to type them as it seemingly changes a lot.

As for those women, no idea. I'd need to know them personally to judge properly.
Holly Hunter is ENFP
Amy Goodman is INTJ
Maria Bello is an ENFJ

I have two pro-tips for you Enfp_can_be_shy:

The higher one's feeling function is, they higher it will readily go up on the face. I wrote a thread on this back on INTPforum, check it out:

Also, I highly recommend you use videos and not photos if you are into visual typing. You can see so much more information about a person when you are actually seeing them move, speak, and react to their environment, than you can with just a still image.
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I'm quite convinced that Tesla was an INTP. I just love his rotating magnetic fields. What a genius.

I'm an INTP engineer and my brother is an ISTP physicist and I can tell you that we couldn't be more different except that we both share a knack for mathematics.
Tesla was an INTJ.

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