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Well I took the animal quiz. Actually right before I retook the Jung Typology test (but it had been a few years and I have become deeper and more quiet than in 7th grade)

my result was the bat. That seemed typical infj?

I just kind of wanted to see which results would be most common. Have fun! :3
I reconize this quiz. It was up here a long time ago (I'm thinking november?)

Genera and species: Tyto alba
Collective Term:
A parliament of owls
Description [SIZE=-1]

[SIZE=-1]The owl is the tranquil face of the bird personalities. A creature of great integrity, its quiet serene demeanor accords it an air of mystery and diffidence and it is known as the serene, wise observer of human society. Always well groomed, it is a noble individual with elegantly chiseled features that borders on the fine edge of beauty and homeliness. It's large eyes are often framed by handsome eyeglasses.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]But like all birds, the owl has a penchant for remaining above the fray and can be quite eccentric in maintaining their individuality. With a tendency to lose themselves in the pursuit of knowledge, owls are prone to disconnect with the relationships that are so important to them. But, they are the first to admit their shortcomings and manage to disarm their critics with a genuinely humble self-appraisal. Abraham Lincoln used this technique rather effectively in his reign as president.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Owls have developed quite a reputation for intelligence but it's really their calm and insightful nature that gives this impression. Instead of an intellectual approach to life they use their deeper spiritual senses to guide them, and like their nocturnal cohort the bats, have a deeply philosophical bent.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Unlike the terrestrial creatures, the owl is not a prisoner of its sex-drive, but with its air of refined sensuality is hardly shy about throwing itself into the physical aspects of a relationship. When it focuses its sharp ardor on its lover it ignites a steamy and animated encounter. The owl views sex as a complement to its relationships and certainly not as a key component. It would do well to recognize the significance of physical affection outside the bedroom, for its partner is often starved for non-sexual reassurance.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]A discussion with an owl is both enlightening and challenging. It somehow manages to spin the most mundane subjects into philosophical musings on the nature of humanity and the state of the world. While these discussions are provocative and engaging, they often obscure the real purpose of communication -- the revealing of one's heart and mind. Take heed, wise owl. Remember that sometimes things are just what they seem![/SIZE]

p.s. there is a section for quizzes :tongue1:
we alread did this one ddnt we?....
still...i got owl,wolf r...crap i think penguin.
but, i already KNOW im a wolf at heart.

other animal test have told me so too...
Oh my bad! I've only been here 2 days so I'm not savvy to the old threads.

Owl! I love owls. I'm quite jealous. I don't think I have good enough concentration skills...I'm smart but quite the space cadet. I'm scholarly but it's not my main characteristic.

Actually no, not jealous. But I admire owls a great deal!
Hey we have done this one before. I don't like it because I got this as my result:

You are either a Prairie Dog or a Beaver personality.
But you may also be a Dog personality.
So I've been told.

Sorry for the repeat. I just didn't see the thread...but it would nice for a newbie like me to see the results of all you lovely people :):mf: