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A talk of NF appeal (other varients beware)


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Nov 12, 2008
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I found this just a few moments ago. It is a discussion about a different way to view creativity. It really is a great way, and actually an old way to look at it. When you think about it, it really does make sense, and can do wonders for removing stress from someone when they are trying to create something. It takes some faith, hence the disclaimer for other non NF varients.

that was wonderful :)

i especially love the part where she mentioned at 17:56 to view your gifts not as solely yours, but as if they were on loan to you from a higher source.
Thanks for sharing that. I needed to hear it. It confirms the suspicions I've had all along about the bursts of creativity that come to me, that have a depth and intelligence well beyond my day-to-day thought processes. I'll embrace them for what they are next time.

That lady was brave to say that in front of so many people. Bless her.
I saw that presentation earlier, but the message is not new for me. I've experienced the effect of though hopping among people multiple times.

The presenter used her Fe ability gracefully - it was a real pleasure to watch and a good example to look up to myself.
I've seen this one before, but thanks for posting! :)

It's a great little seminar, and excellent food for thought.

EDIT: Just finished watching it. *Inspired!*
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