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  1. Asa

    What Is Peace?

    What is "peace"? I do not mean peace in one's individual life, and how one achieves it, I mean the utopian concept of a people, a nation, living in peace. I'm going to throw some ideas together here, nothing structured. (I have no time for that.) –– Agricultural societies have more wars and...
  2. patriz

    What are "fun facts" you could share about Islam?

    I'm catholic and surrounded by Muslim friends. This religion is one that I highly respect. The person I love is a Muslim and I feel closer to him the more I learn about the religion. Generally, Islam is a beautiful religion and I want to learn more about it in any way I can. Thank you.
  3. Impact Character

    Magical Meditation Corner

  4. Love_Conquers_All

    Relationship vs Religion

    The religion of Christianity is sorcery at it's finest. This is self evidenced by the behavior of most Christians towards one another and sinners alike. There is no Love, only Hatred and Judgement stemming from fear of the unknown God. They claim to have a relationship with Christ. Yet if they...