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  1. Gaze

    Evolution of feelings about love

    Over a period of time, we learn from different experiences how to love. It seems the way we learned to love early in our first love experiences changes overtime and our expectations change, and so we don't experience love in the same way as we once did when we were learning about something that...
  2. TheFool

    [INFJ] How to let go of someone?

    Hello fellow INFJs! I’m sure that most of the INFJs here have struggled or are struggling with their broken heart, just like myself. Since we all know how fucking debilitating a break-up can be for an INFJ and how precious the feeling is to finally be able to let go of our past lovers, I...
  3. TheFool

    [INFJ] Loosing yourself in a relationship

    Hi my fellow INFJs! I would like to know how you prevent loosing yourself in a relationship? INFJs want to create harmony and we often sacrifice ourselves in relationships to meet the expectations and preferences of our partners. I have noticed that this is my way to show appreciation and...
  4. Ginny

    Expressions of love

    I have been thinking about a lot of ways to start this thread. In a way, even the way I'm starting it right now was calculated, but it probably will change form as I go along, like it always does. What it would involve (and cost) I knew since I thought of the issue, and therefore considered to...
  5. Scientia

    You find out your partner has cheated...

    in the past but is not cheating now. What do you do?