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  1. ThinkingHippie

    Are there any body language/visual/speech patterns that are very INFJ? What do you think they are?

    So my question is whether you people noticed some pattern in the presentation of INFJs in their speech, tone, facial expressions, even the way they dress and their eyes and so on.
  2. Rowan Tree

    [INFJ] How do you 'train' your cognitive functions?

    It would be interesting to hear other types hereabouts (ENTJs, INTPs, ENTPs—you know who you are?) describe how they develop their cognitive functions too. I am interested in what activities you engage in to develop the four functions. To illustrate: Ni ~ Introverted Intuition: This probably...
  3. lordsharp

    [INFJ] Do INFJs with average IQ exist?

    As written above, is it possible to have an average while being dominated by Introverted Intuition? Are here any INFJ with IQ in average range?
  4. Wanch

    Can an INFJ have Fe-dom?

    A lot of the time when I take online tests for cognitive functions, I get Fe and Ni as equals. I try to take many of them to get the most average result over time as well. However, the more I'm taking them, the more I'm seeing a trend of getting higher Fe, and it recommends I may be an ENFJ...