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  1. Asa

    A Life Of Service

    Welcome. Lay down your spears and swords, and gather 'round the fire. This is a discussion with no accusations, no condemnation, and no otherism. We are equals here. Please honor each other as such. If you don't understand a person's choices, ask to learn more. This thread is an inspiration...
  2. Rycka

    Live Your Life As If Today Was Your Last Day: Good advice or not? Your thoughts?

    Do you think if it's a sound advice? Why?
  3. Rycka

    Have you figured out life? What keeps YOU going?

    We all know, that we try to figure out this life stuff and live our lives as best as we can. We share ideas, thoughts, we even tell each other how to live and what not to do, but in the end.. we don't know even know what happens nor what life is all about. Our time here is just a tiny dot...