1. aeon

    Loneliness – What Kind?

    Loneliness is an experience in which one perceives a relationship deficit—the sense that the quality or the number of one’s relationships are unsatisfactory. People who experience social loneliness feel like they are not part of a group that shares their interests, that they do not belong, that...
  2. RonjaRaeubertochter

    [INFJ] Loneliness and alone time

    What is your take on solitude? INFJs seem to crave quality alone time. On the other hand they may feel excluded, different or just lonely therefore. Do you value solitude or does it give you a bit of a scare, fellow INFJs?
  3. W

    Struggling to be single

    First post, so don't really know how to structure it or whatever, but here we go. Ever since I had my first girlfriend I have not been single for more than like 3-4 months in a row at tops. I have thought about this a lot the last few weeks after me and my previous girlfriend broke up. She was...
  4. alpha

    [INFJ] An INFJ on making friends..help!!

    I love to have meaningful friendships and connect with people on a deeper level, but its hard to find a kindred soul. Most people seem to be happy with not-so-deep connections. This mostly left me feeling lonely and misunderstood. Finding friends who could be authentic and supportive seemed like...