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  1. aeon

    AI Created This

    This is a megathread for AI-generated artworks of any kind. The usual forum rules apply.
  2. lordsharp

    [INFJ] Do INFJs with average IQ exist?

    As written above, is it possible to have an average while being dominated by Introverted Intuition? Are here any INFJ with IQ in average range?
  3. Gaze

    Unique types of intelligence often ignored

    What unique, unusual, atypical, or subtle types of intelligence (not IQ) Do you think are often ignored? Could you give an example of it in yourself or others? Why Do you think it is ignored or not recognized?
  4. Ginny

    Childhood Skill Acquisition

    I was wondering today: is there a correlation between the personality type and the speed at which the individual child acquires skills like walking, reading and so on? I don't have anything to go on but my experiences. For instance, my mother told me that I was already walking at ten months...
  5. flower

    Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Discover Your Emotional IQ