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  1. V

    [INFJ] INFJ Co-worker Crush

    Hello everyone. It is my first time and post here, so thank you for bearing with me. Brace yourselves, because this will be too long of a story. I really wish however to see other peoples opinions about it, without judging me (and my poor writing). Since September, I (INFJ female, as much as I...
  2. C

    [ENFP] I have feelings for my unavailable new INFJ friend, help me

    ENFP here. I met an INFJ 2 months ago (we work together). We got on like a house on fire from the second we met, we talk about everything - philosophy, psychology, history, music, travel, MBTI lol... We share the same crazy opinions and theories about the world and other people. Things that...
  3. D

    INFJ: Emotions and defence mechanisms and

    Hello everyone! I have always been confused about my emotions, which could be very cold when they shouldn't be, to the point I almost believed I am apathetic. I have realized recently, however, that I haven't been always this way (actually I was quite the contrary), and developed the theory...
  4. Rycka

    Here's How Attraction Works

    I see so many forums and topics revoling around this thing and it's often hyped up, but isn't it rather simple? Looking from biological perspective, we as humans usually tend to be attracted to those that essentially are of higher value, whatever that subjectively means. But generally... If...
  5. Sandie33

    [INFJ] LIFE IN AN OVERACTIVE MIND : Intuition and Mindfulness

    INFJ Mental Disorders, Health & Emotional Sensitivity I want to talk a bit about INFJs and mental health, something that seem to be a quite popular and reacquiring subject out there. Unfortunately mental health is somewhat a struggle for many INFJs and there are many misconceptions concerning...
  6. Shinehah

    [INFJ] Are INFJs easily hurt?

    Long before I took the MBTI test I had observed that my feelings were easily and often hurt. Is this common of INFJs?
  7. R

    No contact/Relationship needs not being met?

    So i've been seeing a guy since last year and he suddenly got busy with work after a few months right when I started to have strong feelings, and he did warn me at the beginning that it it wasn't a good idea to try and do it because he was super busy BUT apparently he was also occasionally able...