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  1. Chackabuu

    Common physical characteristics of INFJs

    This is kind of a spin off thread, as it was inspired by @ThinkingHippie's post about body language. Are there any physical traits/attributes/characteristics that seem to be common among INFJs? I've seen things such as being left handed or ambidextrous being more common. Also have seen...
  2. ThinkingHippie

    Are there any body language/visual/speech patterns that are very INFJ? What do you think they are?

    So my question is whether you people noticed some pattern in the presentation of INFJs in their speech, tone, facial expressions, even the way they dress and their eyes and so on.
  3. Trent

    The Eyes of the INFJ

    Perhaps this is just me, but what a great place to ask the question. And the question is when you look at the eyes of INFJs particularly (I think I see it in INTJs & INTPs also...still chewing on that). I think it is 'Se'; the reflection of environment synthesizing through the input of the...