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  1. larcipelago

    No Scientific Evidence but Anybody Ever Think May be Homo Sapiens Consciousness Has Purposes?

    I am just comparing some facts, the dinosaur ruled the earth for about 150 million years before they were wiped out by the impacts of the big stone collition to the earth. Some survivors, including omnivore mammals who stayed more under the earth had their chances to evolve, beating reptilians...
  2. Chackabuu

    Imagine: outside threats

    Maybe this thread belongs here? I couldn't decide where to put it but I think it'll exercise your imagination. Imagine there was some sort of otherworldly threat to Earth. You can imagine aliens or something similar, it doesn't matter what. This thread isn't for thoughts on extraterrestrial...
  3. Rycka

    Have you figured out life? What keeps YOU going?

    We all know, that we try to figure out this life stuff and live our lives as best as we can. We share ideas, thoughts, we even tell each other how to live and what not to do, but in the end.. we don't know even know what happens nor what life is all about. Our time here is just a tiny dot...