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  1. Chackabuu

    Common physical characteristics of INFJs

    This is kind of a spin off thread, as it was inspired by @ThinkingHippie's post about body language. Are there any physical traits/attributes/characteristics that seem to be common among INFJs? I've seen things such as being left handed or ambidextrous being more common. Also have seen...
  2. Sandie33

    Mistakes vs Blindspots

    Have a listen to this podcast. :) What do you think/ feel about the idea that some mistakes are not mistakes but rather blindspots to misteps? Would you notice the difference? Share your views, thoughts, comments. I'm curious to hear from all types on the topic. *please remember to be...
  3. Artisan

    All things russia

    Hey people, I thought It might be interesting to start a topic where smaller interesting Russia related articles could be linked. Personally I feel like there's a lot of bad mojo flying around these days and a lot of flaming going on towards them. As such I thought It would be nice to make a...