1. jkxx

    Happy New Year all...

    ..with an astrological message as we approach the end of what was 2019. Those who are not interested in the subject, feel free to ignore this altogether. The rest, I hope you find the message encouraging :)
  2. Free


    aka... ... aka Let's Make the Thinkers Uncomfortable! *This thread is dedicated to @Sandie33 and all things astrology.
  3. Free

    Shitty Horoscopes

    Thought I'd share this unique collection. Shitty Horoscopes by Amrit Brar Source and more from the artist: (Will post each astrological sign individually)
  4. Ila

    Do you believe in Astrology? ?

    Hello everyone.....I have recently started tsking interest in Vedic Astrology... To my surprize....the predictions are matching my life story. ...... Is there anyone who also believes in it??? I definitely believe....:)