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Happy New Year all...


Feb 20, 2018
..with an astrological message as we approach the end of what was 2019.

Those who are not interested in the subject, feel free to ignore this altogether. The rest, I hope you find the message encouraging :)

@jkxx thank you ;) What are some of your predictions for the coming year?

I keep taking people by surprise in my reminding them that not only are we ending the year of 2019, but we are saying goodbye to a decade while we usher in the new year, and thus the new decade.

The look in their eyes and facial expressions are delightful to me :) Noticable is the spark of them thinking, and many saying, 'wait, you're right, it is a new decade'.

In planting that seed for them I'm excited to check back with them at a later time in this next ten years to see how they have taken the opportunity to use the time advantageously. For themselves as well as the collective.

Though, that check-in won't happen with all of them, I'm hopeful those folks work to improve humanity in some way, even if only progressing as their best self.

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Thank you much @Sandie33 :) - yeahh about all we can do or at least try to when we can. It is nice to be able to hear from some people over time and see where they have been and where they are at now in the present...

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ahh if only there was a thumbs up emoji here

Predictions... I wouldn't try to make any concrete ones being this is the first time I'm living through one of these but as the video says, lots of global change though beyond things crumbling where they are not working it's hard to say if it's going to be positive or how soon.. though that's my hope for it, eventually. Something tells me January won't be perceived that way by too many, however, maybe the remainder of the year would be better, minus those Mars squares to Saturn-Pluto starting in August. But by then we should have some idea of where things are headed.