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Aug 22, 2009
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I am lost...

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Mar 17, 2016
    1. grt$5vb
      Tomorrow we will almost certainly have a new outlook. ;)
    2. grt$5vb
      Yeah... it's gonna get pretty crowded in here... we may have to try being sunny just to get some solace. ;)
    3. KazeCraven
      Looking forward to hearing back from you. I might have sounded closed to feedback, but I'm not; I'm just aware that I spend more time than I'd like to on typology.
    4. KazeCraven
      Good to see you're back. :)

      I'll PM you the conclusions when I have more time, hopefully later today.
    5. nil
      Terribly sorry for such a long wait.

      I did read the article, though, finally. I can't say it did anything for me though. This, though:

      "There is no one single truth, and there is no one reality. Truth is based on your experience, so it changes and can differ from person to person."

      I believe this wholeheartedly. Truth is relative. I once sincerely submitted myself to Christ... it was as empty and as filling as anything else. I revoked it. I would feel terrible if the God of the Bible was real, but I would deeply hate God as well. I have felt the powerful God experiences... I have been deeply involved in Christianity and God (not in a superficial way either). But I just feel away. Sometimes I look back and wonder why, but I never try to change it. There is no need to change it.

      Erm... what did that link have to do with "out of body experiences" though?
    6. nil
      I cannot read it tonight. It is bed time.

      I will do so tomorrow, and let you know what I think.
    7. bagelriffic
      the difference in comprehension of the types would fall within the boundaries of the spiritual aspects of diamond approach. they explain the fundamental virtues, fixations, instincts, holy ideas, and passions of each type. unfortunately the best advice i would give to find out about it is to look into a book by either a.h. almaas, or sandra maitri. i bought sandras book "The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram; Nine Faces of the Soul." and i haven't read any of Almaas' yet, i've got some in route right now. you can also check out ahalmaas.com if you're interested in reading excerpts from his books, or reviews/generalizations of DA. it's got alot of great stuff on there including lectures, videos, glossary for the terms. i'd suggest you start there. i have a pretyped intro into DA i wrote myself which i could send you also through pm, though it should probably be updated but let me know.
    8. Kgal
      Thank you Tulip for the thread link!!!!!
    9. TinyBubbles
      only guessed 6 because i feel there are hidden dimensions to you, and 6's are generally variable. based on only what i said, i'd guess 4. what do you think, do 4 or 6 fit you, or do you feel you're another type?
    10. TinyBubbles
      hard to say, i don't know you all that well. but from what i've seen, i think you are quite private and analytical, but feel deeply. maybe 6?
    11. TinyBubbles
      what enneagram type are you Tulip, out of curiosity?
    12. Bird
      I actually tried this last night.
      And it really did work quite well.
      I was half-asleep before I even realized I was falling asleep.

      Thank you so much (:
    13. Bird
      Thank you for the breathing exercise (:
    14. Ria
      Hi Tulip, I like yr username :)
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