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Dec 27, 2009
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Still trying to find out, but I want to learn. I w

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find wisdom, build hope.

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Jun 17, 2017
    1. bs98r3kjf
      i sort of wanted more of a mint green than a turquoise but maybe its too bright? let me know, thanks :D
    2. bs98r3kjf
      thank you! it was actually pink and purple two days ago but i'm in the process of changing it. it's not final yet, i'm still playing around with the colors, i'm glad you like it. :)
    3. bs98r3kjf
      i love the colors here! :D
    4. tovlo
      thank you, I'm glad it made sense!
    5. slant
      Well thank you, I'm flattered bro
    6. Roger
      Thank you for rep trifoilum. :)
    7. anica
      anica younger son used to bake marvelous cheesecakes, though never professionally; just for the family. He also used to be a gifted artist. Then at 15 he became ill with schizophrenia and he hasn't been able to or interested in those things anymore. Now he volunteers with a disability-rights organization and watches a lot of TV. He lives relatively independently with a lot of support. He has made amazing progress in the last 8 years, but he is very different from who he was before he became ill. Nevertheless, I am extremely proud of him for all the work he's done to get better.

      Yes, I see your point about being a "door mat"; taken to the extreme, we can get angry and stop showing any concern for others, which isn't good.

      I'm quite insular in many ways, living in my own little world. Tell me why things are so grim in Jakarta, if you don't mind. You can put it in a PM if you like.
    8. anica
      Thanks for explaining anime. I've been thinking of your message yesterday. IMO, it's particularly difficult for INFJs to find a balance between people-pleasing behavior and a preoccupation with ourselves that seems to stem from our introversion. But if we can manage that balance I believe we can do much good.

      My sons--aged 35 and almost 24--are both good cooks and love it. Like you. naking not so much, though the younger liked baking wonderfu cheesecakes before he became ill with schizophrenia. The elder flies helicopters in the Gulf of Mexico and loves travel. He went to Italy this fall and was very impressed with the healthy food there.

      Why do you want to leave Jakarta?
    9. anica
      Thanks for the youtube excerpt. I don't really know--have any idea--what anime is, though people here on the forums talk about it a lot. Do you speak Japanese?
    10. anica
      I think most of us have trouble helping ourselves. I don't think, however, that you've been unhelpful to others in the least, despite being at a difficult point in your life. Thanks for the youtube clip. I'll listen to it as soon as I'm done writing for the day and turn off my own music. Take care of yourself and I'm here anytime you want to talk.
    11. anica
      Thanks for the request. I'm flattered and I think we'll make good friends. Love your signature, btw.
    12. anica
      Thanks for the comment. It's hard to see the forest for the trees when we're in the middle of the woods and uncomfortable; all we can think of is getting out.
    13. arbygil
      Agreed - and thank you. :)
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    Still trying to find out, but I want to learn. I w

    Been a while since I updated this :P

    25 yrs old, Indonesian.
    nonbinary, INFJ 6w5 sp/so

    Currently living in Jakarta and trying to find my calling.
    Juggling between living and retaining my sanity and drawing and trying to enjoy life
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    (Without other people involved)
    My mind.
    Me time,
    iPod / music in general, but yea; my iPod.
    My sketchbook's beginning to rise up to the order
    What would be your epitaph?:
    what is an epitaph?
    Uuuuh... what should I tell?

    I want to know myself and other people better.
    I am a child of my mind-- I like playing inside. Of course it can be unhealthy; so I'm trying to find balance as well as inspirations outside.

    Been learning a few pleasant and unpleasant things about myself.
    I hope I'm a bit more certain than before? Maybe not. But!


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    Come on, let's go on a journey, emptying our pockets.
    Carrying our indecent feelings along with us.
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