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  • Thank you for the rep ^_^
    I agree, the flute is beautiful also. :) But the piano has some sort of amazing affect on me, which no other instrument does o_O its such an amazing feeling...
    News reports indicate absent minded bystander stepped on minefield in the middle of his backyard, more news later.

    I don't care about the rep. I don't care about the mods, and I don't care about the fact that people think I'm trolling, or a heartless animal. (And of course, I can't be an INFJ.... I guess.)

    I care about the fact that people aren't allowed to express their rightful opinion on the topic. I care about the fact that people DON'T express their opinion on the topic, for fear of being ostracized. Of course people will be allowed to express their opinion provided that its "properly structured," but then again that's not an actual opinion. And this isn't worth a PM, because I wasn't making a big stink about this.
    hehe :)

    I don't really read a lot of the posts here :)) It's not that I don't want to but honestly, I feel depressed after long hours of browsing the net :))

    oopsie... sorry :(
    haha awwww, no worries! :)
    Yeah... I was going to sleep as well, although, I kinda fell asleep for hour...with my laptop...on my knee... XD was quite uncomfortable, but the song had a really nice affect on me :3
    Yes, I got that vibe.

    I suppose, in a way, sometimes I tempted to define mysef as and XNTP, because I occassionally develop strong urges or pangs for a stronger social standing.

    I never act upon them, and I dislike such urges, hence the reluctant to actually call myself an Extrovert...

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