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  • you should report that. non members cannot look at blogs. you should have all those privileges. an error no doubt. let a mod know.
    Lol! Thanks! And I'll warn you; some of my stories are orphaned. Some of my more ambitious ones, anyway. I keep hoping to return to them, but...well, we'll see. And "we'll see" turns into months, then years...:p
    I appreciate you acknowledging my family. If you care to read some of my blog you'll see that I actually have a step-daughter that is out of the house now (she's 19). That one has caused more heartache then all the others combined! So the number is really five. Thanks for the interest. Link to my blog if you wanna check it out!
    Hello and thank you for the friend request! More than happy to oblige. Since you are new I am curious as to why you chose me to request this of? Are you a writer? See you out on the forum! :)
    I do indeed...unfortunately I lost some of my work, because I hosted it on a website (and the website went down before I saved it), but it might still be floating out there on someone else's site. My penname is "ninamonkey." If you Google that, you'll...find some of it. I'm not proud of all of it, because some was *dumb.* But a decent collection of stuff is on ( It's X-Men, Firefly, and Star Trek stuff.

    Lol - funny you should mention fanfiction...I actually did a lot of Storm fanfiction. I haven't done any lately, but I have a bunch of things floating around the net. I was actually thinking of doing a breakup story with BP, but I'm almost positive it's been done before.

    As for Cyke and Emma, I can see how they could have sparks, but I'm not seeing it that much. I still see them distrusting each other and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't see their relationship going to distance unless Emma becomes vulnerable, or until Scott mans up and says he loves her, and why (I still don't see him loving her; I see them more as using each other for convenience sake).

    I still need to read that whole Vulcan saga! I've only read parts of it, but I liked what I read. I was waiting for it to become a trade before I picked it up.
    Well I actually decided I will not be keeping my Singapore passport next year. Due to the fact that i have to finish my study in the Netherlands. Also because it's easier to get a working permit in Singapore if I ever do decide to go back.

    I was just wondering, if you don't mind me asking. What kind of work does a Singaporian INFJ like yourself do?
    Okay, I read like the first two hundred pages and then called it quits.
    It's quite long.

    I feel like her reign was instrumental in a few happenings later in history.
    I also really liked all of her head-dresses. I know that's a pretty feminine
    comment but they were interesting to see pictures of.

    What all does your bliss consist of?
    Yep, that's what it is! I LOVE that movie myself and she always has and always will be my favorite Disney Princess :)

    That scene you speak of always gives me goosebumps and seeing the high ceiling of the ballroom
    oooh snap dude hahaha, I currently live in the netherlands but both my parents are chinese-singaporians. I still got duo nationality (both passports). Yes, Nel is a cutey isn't she, drooling where ever she goes. ^^
    I feel so special you included hyper-links!! :)

    The story of Justinian and Theodora reminds me of the story of my mother's favourite novel.
    It's called Maia. I cannot tell you if it's any good or not as I haven't read it, but meh.

    Hahahahahaha: "royal stud".
    Tamar sounds like a real chivalrous gentleman. :)
    See, it could be interesting if they analyzed that, and they decided to get a divorce. Maybe Storm decides that she married him for another reason (fear? Loneliness? Frustration?) and it's not working. It's rare to have a divorce in the MU, but it might be interesting to see how the writers would handle it.

    And yeah, poor Wolvie...he's always the boytoy, never the bride. :D

    I love Cyke too - he's always been one of my faves, and I like it when he's made more 3D rather than the wooden Boy Scout...but I never liked how he hooked up with Emma. That just feels icky. But I was never an Emma fan.

    You know who else I miss, though? Havok. Yes, Havok. But maybe that's because I play him in an RPG. :D
    Forge, no question. BP was a contrived plot device, IMO - and really? He doesn't bring out the best in her. Storm needs someone who can challenge her in every sense. BP to me just...perpetuates that regal aura, and her character doesn't need that all the time. I liked her in the 80s, actually, when she cut loose after losing her powers. She needed to find out who she was as an individual, and I liked that character growth.

    Personally, I've always wanted her to hookup with Wolverine. :D
    I am most familiar with the Tang and Ming dynasties.
    I really got into these two periods because of the diaspora

    Perhaps I should pick up 3 Kingdom game playing :p

    I know a bit about Byzantine and the Ottoman empire
    nothing out of the woodwork, though.

    I don't really know anything about Japanese history.
    Ah :)

    Thank you for letting me know, haha.
    I was curious.
    I actually quite enjoy ancient chinese history.
    Yes, it is! :D I'm a huge X-Men fan. What can I say? Tell you what, she needs more leadership play in the books. Yes indeedy.
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