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  • Hi. I was googling stories about being catfished and I stumbled across ur story. Something like this has just recently happened to me. It just ended July 31st of this year because the persons "supposed food friend" sends me a message saying my love had died during his surgery to have his brain tumor removed. He told me about his diagnosis for a brain tumor a year ago but there were a lot of inconsistencies with his story and I never questioned it until a few days after his supposed death because I was grieving so hard. But we were together off and on for almost three years and I never once saw him on cam. He had been through a lot of things and I didn't wanna push and he lived in Brazil with his parents so he never had privacy to cam with me he said. We did talk by voice a lot but that's it. But I don't know if he really died or not but Things seem odd and my friends all thought he wasn't who he said he was from the beginning. But either way I am hurt because of the loss of him in my life so it's been hard. I never ever do online relationships and this was my first so I am now very cold and will never do one again. I opened up to him and gave my heart and told him things I never told anyone else. I feel that at first he never intended for things to get serious between us since we were both just looking for friendship but I think they got deep and serious really fast and by then he couldn't get out of it something like what ur catfisher said to u. And we broke up a lot and got back together. it's been difficult
    Thanks man. LOL yea I'm like a mod or something =P Super-mod to be precise.
    Yes I do. They were quite popular in my high school an my best friend makes them every once in a while.. it's an interesting sensation at first. It's pretty much like eating a doughnut with a softened Oreo inside.. They are soooo yummy, but sooooo had for for you :) lol
    haha yes it's the best clip ever!

    I have seen Hannibal Rising. I had a marathon last summer and watched the whole series of films.
    I don't think I've seen recyclops yet.

    The funniest thing I've seen Dwight do so far is cut the face off a CPR Dummy and put it on his face as if he were Hannibal Lecter hahahahaha
    Not very long.
    Off and on for about three years.
    Okay so kinda a longish time.

    I am overwhelmed by your graciousness, yours is only the third friend request I received since I joined the forum last October.
    Oh I don't mind at all. I tried to do insurance sales, then I did back end insurance work. In the end I gave up because it did not give my life meaning. Nowadays I have my own blog with which I'm trying to get off the ground. At the very least it is fulfilling to me.
    Hahaha, yeah.
    I just learned how to play it so it was stuck in my head.
    Thought I'd share it.

    What's your name?
    Hah well it's hard to be angry at Nel. She has a certain innocence that I find very charming.

    Hmm if you still have a Singaporean passport does that mean you have to do National Service? If so when are you going in?
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