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  • LOL for local city, actually i am indian boy. :D Yes, i am doing college to earn bachelor degree. You have got nice job, must be enjoying. :)
    Would it make more sense if I told you I studied Near Eastern archaeology? :D It's quite embarrasing that I haven't been there yet, actually.. :suspicious:

    So you lived in different places? It's nice seeing something of the world!
    Yes, i get along with my friends too. It is ok about your anger, but you know i am glad, that you released your depression and anger for it here. :) I have not made so many friends. I like to keep some sort of limit. I have only five friends. Some are here on forums. And some on messengers, rest are here in local city. :) What do you work? Answer to this, if you don't mind.
    Hi, thanks for the request! How are you today?

    I read you're from Cairo? That's really cool, I always wanted to go there. Didn't get there yet though. :)
    Sorry for bit late reply. I think we are thinking in same manner. Yes, you are right, it is risky thing. But tell me what about that already we are taking risks everyday.

    And another thing, don't think that i will judge you bad if you tell me about your problems. Even i have so many problems and day by day i solve it. You are depressed because of ignorant behavior from your friends. You will become ok, if you try to become ok. There is nothing that you can't have, do or anything like that. You are fine person to me. :)
    We can become good friends. :D Don't you think?
    Here, i must admit some things to you. I want to become enterpreneur and want to own successful business life. Not only this, i want peaceful life and lovely relationships. Therefore, i am trying to expand my mentality and physical capacities. You can consider my interest for psychology as self-study or mind exercise. Really, it helps me in maintain my positive thinking. Year ago i was so different person, i dont know who i was, but now i am fine and going to have prosperous life. What about your life targets?
    Yes, i do study. I like to study about self-development and psychology and many more other interesting subjects. What are your interests?
    Most welcome, I am also fine. So tell me what do you like to do during day? I mean do you work?
    Wilson is my fav. Yes, i also like swimming. Here, in my local city, i have membership for it, and i go there regularly. How are you today?
    Hey, wow it has been a long time hasn't it? :). Yeah, things are going pretty well for me. I've just been a bit busy so I haven't been posting around the forum as much but I'll be finished with everything in 3 weeks time. I'm kind of looking forward to it. :D
    How are you?
    Thank you neva, for complements. You can have awesome wherever you are and you must have, just try to see it. :)
    See,neva, i dont know who you are and you dont know who i am, whenever you feel your ignored by someone, just drop a message to me as my friend. Don't mind please. :)
    It's strange because I find myself saying stuff on this forum I wouldn't even say to my friends but the majority of people on here are a lot more open minded so it feels a lot safer. My real life friends are more entertainment value than serious talkers. I've tried expressing a few deeper things to them but it doesn't really go over well. I think they find it a bit hard to grasp my line of thought. :D

    I think my best friend may be ISFP but I'm not completely sure.
    My whole family seems to fall under the introvert category except for my brother. It would be nice to have someone else as a resort to confide completely in other than my family though. I'm not really overly close to my friends. Even though we're very close I still tend to hold back a part of myself.

    I should hunt me down an INFJ someday!!! :D Do you have many Introverts in your family?
    Yay! Recruits! :D Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I don't know any INFJs in real life other than my mum and grandma. Naww... I wish I did though. I'd like an INFJ friend I think :)

    What's it like knowing another INFJ in real life?
    Hey Neva! When replying to your messages click "view conversation" then reply and it sends your message to that person's profile and lets them know :D

    How are you? You liking it around here? If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I haven't been on here for too long either but I'll answer as best I can :)
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