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  • Today going to watch drag me to hell and thinking to watch the cottage. :) What about yourself?
    Yes, i love to watch love movies. Sometimes i feel, i need to watch them to understand love thing. Sure, today i will download it and will watch it. :) Indeed, you said perfectly right. We all contain a little child within us and also we know we have another perfect guide within us that makes us happy and let us know about who we really are.
    yes, i will try those sites when i need it. But i am thinking to watch after ever. Actress: Drew Berrymore. She is my one of favorites. :D
    Can you tell me about other superhit horror movies??? :D now a days i am thinking to watch a movie, because i want some refreshment, i will download from net and will watch on laptop. Yes, i like indian movies. I like movie songs too much, rather than watching the full movie. I can watch long movies. 3 hrs. I dont know much about Hollywood horror movie, most of i watch tv horror series or indian horror movie. I recently watched the sixth sense by suggestion of my one local friend. :)
    Are you doing any work, you are sending msgs so late. It is okay with me. Well mine fav. horror movie is indian. It is about secrets. Secrets about ghost world and also talks about beliefs about ghost. I like it the most. :) The sixth sense. i also like this Hollywood horror movie.

    What's your fav. horror movie?
    Yes, treasure had taken so many lives who wanted to get them from pyramid. I meant that about curse. Yes, it is quite interesting to know about fact. It thrills us, no??? :D

    My city Baroda, It is also going to cool down here. I have to use blanket from now:lol: Freezing cold, :D Do you do physical exercise, to warm up yourself, yes i do.
    Yes, i had also studied about it when i was 15 yr old. Is there any ghost in any pyramid, there? Do you believe in secondary world of ghost? Because i had also heard another thing that ghosts does exist in pyramid to protect ancient treasure. :)
    ohhh that sounds amazing and great to me. Well, neva, you know it is my dream to see egypt and i am glad to have you as my friend. I have egyptian friend. I have been always interested to know about pyramid.:D DO you know, you can do better meditation within pyramid? They are very powerful. I had heard, in ancient times of egypt, people were using it for conservations of mummy, and they were also conserving there food, things like blade. AM i right?
    Yes, neva, Eveything is going nice, tell me something about your city cairo. Really i dont know about this city. I am just curious to know about it and listen to it. Yes, i had heard this name when i was secondary high school. :D
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