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  • Lol - If you inhabit the EI site, you should try looking me up on there. Man, I was all over the place and fairly messed up.
    :D Thanks - it really is a combined effort, though, and we have waves and tides like any other place. But you know that. ;)

    The above emoticon was most unjustifiably underutilized during your absence. I hope things will start going right in the world now.
    *nod*. If it's unconfortable then I totally understand. Either way, no one is going to look or think bad of you in any way what so ever if you do :hug:.
    what's your full name so i can add you on facebook?
    I saw he had a red-rep. So I was "aww thats no good. I'll fix that *positive rep*" then he tells me "I WANT A RED LIGHTSABER DAMNIT *negitive rep*". So then I was like, ok I will go fix it, but it said I had to spread around more rep first, so I tried to do that, but it still wouldn't let me re-negitive rep him. I told him to go make a thread asking people to neg-rep him, but he said it could backfire (which is possible). so yeah, lol.
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