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I would like to accomplish world domination by the

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Aug 31, 2010
    1. corvidae
      thanks for the compliment ^_^
    2. Naxx
    3. Questingpoet
      lol--ok I follow now. ;)
    4. IndigoSensor
      haha no problem :). That entire list on that site is downright hilarious. You can probablly find an example of each in a forum member on here.
    5. Questingpoet
      sorry, but you lost me here. What were you refering to?
    6. slant
      Our misery is finally over; the forums are finally free.
    7. Shai Gar
    8. Shai Gar
      Shai Gar
      That is terrific (terrifying adjective). I'm enjoying you. I mean I'm enjoying this...
    9. Shai Gar
      Shai Gar
      My compliments are illiciting outrage in you? D:

      It's true. I wants me some unseelie elf ear to nibble on. But I'd much rather be one.
    10. Shai Gar
      Shai Gar
      Yeah, but even your ears are kissable.
    11. Shai Gar
      Shai Gar
      I didn't wanna be aragorny D: I wanted to be a fairy D:

      I wanted to be a very pretty elf like you.
    12. Shai Gar
    13. Shai Gar
      Shai Gar
      I am adding photos to my userprofile.
    14. Shai Gar
    15. Shai Gar
    16. Gaze
      thx Lumi :)
    17. Bird
      Are you by chance into geology?
    18. Trifoilum
      Awww thanks! *hugs* yeah, that book's awesome. I love its realism --yet dramatic-- portrayal of humans there. Slice of life in a zombie universe is always awesome for me. xD
    19. Gaze
      thx for the rep Lumi :)
    20. Phoenix Down
      Phoenix Down
      Darling! you are darling :P
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    I would like to accomplish world domination by the
    Hmmm, I was born the first trial child of two too young parents.
    They were very, very earnest about saving the world. Poverty was something they were proud of (before they decided they'd rather be comfortable).
    We moved out of the most dangerous part of town when I was six, though.
    For a while I lived on an ostrich farm, then I moved to a picturesque small town, finally, the Swamp.
    In a desperate escape from my too concerned family, I fled the country where I went to school and traveled.
    After a bit I moved back to my homeland, but to Hotlanta.
    Hotlanta was not for me, I retreated back to Swampland where I could finish my schooling for pennies.
    Which is where I am now, wasting perfectly good money to travel whenever I can.

    I am older than I look and younger than I seem at 21.

    ((The above statements are all true, but now that I think about it they might present a lie))
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    I could never be without...

    1. People. I need people to talk to, even if has to be only occasionally for my own sanity.

    2. Books. A world where I cannot read is a world I do not wish to live in.

    3. Something new to learn. A halt in learning new hobbies/skills/facts/theories leads to depression.

    4. The sun for an extended period of time. That ancient underground city in Cappadocia? I could never have lived there. I would have had to take my chances with the invaders. Also, when it is overcast for more than a week and a half my motivation for life decreases.

    5. Music. It doesn't keep me sane, it keeps me compliant. A world without music is a world the people around me won't want to live in.

    6. Caffeine. NOT coffee, but tea and sodas keep me going.
    What would be your epitaph?:
    She will rise again (dun dun dunnnnn).
    1) I could never live in a house where no one makes coffee. Despite this, I will not for love or money drink the nasty stuff.
    2) My insane and all-consuming love for conversation has gotten me into more trouble than I will ever admit to.
    3) I love nothing better than to get lost. However if you freak out about it, I will hide my glee for the sake of your nerves as we negotiate our way through the badlands.
    4) The above statement is a lie, I actually love books and conversation a little bit more than getting lost.

    5) If you know or can accurately guess where I picked my user name from, I will consider you amazing, brilliant, and entirely too cool for school.

    Long, meandering, late night discussions.
    Interesting books of almost any genre.
    Movies which aren't horror movies.
    The sun and stars.
    I'm interested in surprising people, which I manage to do quite easily, but never on purpose.
    Alright, sometimes on purpose.
    People watching, I will then make leaps and bounds in sketching their lives/characters deliciously inaccurately for my own amusement.
    I love to debate when the stakes aren't "for keeps" and no one takes it seriously.
    I like to argue for real when there's something at stake.
    I always prefer harmony within the circle of those I love.
    Traveling, I adore traveling to new places.