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  • It’s quite silly actually.
    Especially people with no real-world experience who are still living with Mum and Daddy.
    I just saw the my inbox was full when you wanted to send me a PM, I'm really sorry.
    It's not full anymore ^_^
    Thank you for your kindness and support :hug:
    As I am slowly starting to talk about it with family and friends (even here), I do feel like a weight is being lifted from my chest. I am starting to liberate myself, absolutely.
    Well, displaying affection makes one vulnerable and easily hurt. I think all that bluster on the outside is an indication of how tender the inside is.
    Hi dear hope you're doing well. Emerging for a while - :hug: while I have the energy :D
    Well, then I should think she will call unless she can't because of some emergency. Big hugs back! Goodnight.
    I just knew. :). It's what I would do. Counselors here don't call back all.the.time. If they have a heavy caseload, they just don't respond. I hope yours does, though.
    That made my whole freaking week La Sagna!
    Thank you for such kind words…being one’s own worst critic it’s nice to hear that not everyone thinks I sound ridiculous hahaha.

    I’m sorry to hear about the marriage…I’ve been married twice…I don’t know your situation but I know what it feels like when it falls apart - I hope it gets better soon.
    You sound like you are doing wonderful in spite of it all…just take some time for yourself too…that’s really important.
    Let me know if I can help.
    OMG you just totally made my day.
    Here I thought most of what I typed was self-masturbatory opinion…hahaha.

    What does your version entail if I may enquire?
    Some here don’t think I’m very reasonable, but you can never make everyone happy.
    It’s frustrating to say the least!
    Thanks for the words of support!
    I hope you are well?!
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