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  • Mhm. I see.
    I hope you feel that you belong/ have a place here (though I know it's not the same) and that you find the feeling of belonging you seek.
    Until then, all I can offer are more of these: :hug: and an ear for if you ever have the desire to unburden yourself.
    i think i understand. youre a lovely mother. i think that fitness takes a long time to decay. for a person who has been truly fit, most elements of fitness persist for a long time, and it just takes a little bit of hard work to whip things back to vibrant health. i am not a team player myself and have always preferred swimming, it is so aerobic and also carves the physique. but i think exercise classes would be fun. hope your son will get the good rewards he deserves.
    obviously you have raised a lovely man regardless of whether he smokes or not. i hope he will stop smoking though. maybe a replacement for smoking to calm down, some fitness classes, eg. yoga, dance, martial arts. i hope he will have a happy life.
    I used to be a 2 pack a day smoker!! (When you work in gay bars and spend the rest of your time in psychiatric hospitals there isn't much else that seems worthwhile.) The things that helped me quitting the most were having a really good reason to hold onto about quitting - (want to be most eligible bachelor possible and not risk disappointing future husband) - but I think even more than that, having an attitude of consistently "cutting down" rather than "quitting", and also refraining from smoking a whole packet (or buying more) just because I smoked one ie. had a "lapse". Not sure whether any of this information will ever be useful to you, but you never know.
    Just got goosebumps reading yours. It's division. isn't it? The separateness. It feels so wrong now for some reason, and I think somehow it causes others perhaps to defend. Maybe too challenging to the views. (read: shut up Dave lolol) wow. nice back and forth here. love it. <3
    Was rereading your last message and something struck me - could it be the paradox thing? I'm pretty sure that's where this is heading. A little twisty on the brain but it seems to be the only thing that makes any sense here.
    you are right. thank you for your message. i see that the level at which this makes me angry is silly, as he was objectively harmless. thinking about this, i realise that i get irrationally angry over bossy, know-it-all people, even if they have no meaningful power to harm others. im trying to be more sympathetic to people instead of getting angry, and maybe i can consider this as a part of that project. thanks again.
    Thanks for asking!! :) Funny thing is I'm not sure what to say. Isn't that odd? Kinda feels like the deeper things go the more confused I am, even though other things are perfectly clear. Makes no sense and perfect sense, which makes no sense of course. Holy crap no wonder a few others are confused as well bwahahaaaa. Maybe I'm just going nutso. I haven't the slightest idea. :) How are things in your world then?
    Trying to encourage you, but you must trust what you will say when the moment comes. I have no advice other than that.
    Don't let them know they bother you. Change the subject with your wit they have little of.
    You posted my #777 visitor message, so buy a lotto ticket today if you can.
    Why do they treat you as such?
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