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  • haha! thank you for those cute cats!
    I'm debating on how I feel about my avatar....cats and sammiches in space? what's not to love though...hmm!
    You welcome. Women's issues are very personal to me as well; growing up in third world country and seeing almost every women in my family get threatened, beaten and repressed by the societal conditions helped fuel my fight for feminine rights. I think we as women are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Still we got a long way to go to reach our full potential.
    As a feminist I will always strive towards the fullest expansion and potential for what we go through as women. My views and perspective are only a small part and I can put them to the side if it means fighting for a greater cause.

    I apologize that we got caught up in our differences but sometimes that is necessary to come to full understanding of things. I still believe that we are on the same team; fighting for the same cause.
    Hahaha! Thanks!
    For some reason that picture always reminds me of my inner personality! I'm not sure why :)
    ah, i see.

    (yeah, and visitor messages or PMs are probably the easiest ways to respond. you could also post a rep on one of my posts using the star icon on the bottom left of the posts. Reps and PMs are private, visitor messages are not.)
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