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  • I will reply to your PM's this weekend. Sorry, I have been rather stressed and pre-occupied with things. The PM's will take some thought, and I have not had the available quality time to reflect on the kind of responses I feel are required. (Sorry to have kept you waiting).
    Well, I wasn't hoping for noble reasoning..I was just curious. I think we all do things for a reason, even if we don't know what those reasons are. Like when we play word association. If I were to say light-bulb or headache, what would you say in response? I'd probably say something like 'idea' and 'migraine', and it wouldn't have a great deal of significance for me, as it's not personal. But choosing a name IS personal. I didn't really understand why I chose the name dream echo until someone else here commented on it. I didn't realize until then that it had such deep significance.

    Anyway...what kind of powerful ideas give others headaches? Which people? You've not given me a headache yet. Does this mean you're losing your touch? Or that I'm somehow undeserving of a headache? And is that good or bad? :)
    I just knew there was some reason I liked you! ;)
    So, care to elaborate on the symbolism of the light bulb?
    I mean, usually it symbolizes inspirational ideas, but you call yourself headache...
    Do you have such powerful ideas that they blow your mind or something?
    That would be a tad uncomfortable...and messy. Or is it a SECRET? Oooooh...
    Now I really wants to know...
    I'm not even going to tell you how warm it got here today. That would be to mean. What kind of heat do you use?
    Yes I'm sorry about my inbox again. I just cleared a bit of room, so hopefully you can re-send your PM!
    Oh things here are just dandy fine, thanks. Working right now actually which is always the best lol
    :nod: Yep, but I wasn't trying to emulate you. Just screwed up my account for a few minutes. Read your post on that thread. Wow! I got some things I'd like to say but it will have to wait till morning. My brain is fried. Good night and sweet dreams to you and the missus!
    Honestly I'm not much of a jerky fan. My husband loves the stuff. He found some not to long ago that was made by an Indian tribe in Oregon. It was really good. As far as flavor, I think it was just standard.
    Thanks. I agree, it is a beautiful song. For some reason, I have been listening to it a lot lately. I'm not sure if it's the way it makes me "feel" something again that I need to heal from, or it it is just the actual "sound" of the song... Maybe it's a bit of both.
    Thanks for accepting my Friend request. I sensed I could also thank you for the rep on the Songs for Members thread if I was on your friends list. Then I'd have access to your visitor wall, lol.
    hahaha. I don't even have anyone who FLIRTS with me on the forum so I am sure no one is going to fight to the death for me either haha. But you never know I guess. Literally. Since they're anonymous!
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