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  • Oh Bird posted the same message to me too... and apparently to 192 others male and female...I like your analysis... it could be undying lust... ;-)
    There was a book called "Zen Guitar" that I studied as a bible when I was first learning to play guitar. You can guess what the lessons were like, "Play it for the enjoyment and peace of mind." Proficiency followed after that.

    I had a friend/neighbor who was going out there to study this. Not sure what ever became of him though... I studied "Computer Music" as they called it, in college. One course was about composition and another was about programming the sounds. I did great at the composition course, I did miserable in the programming one :/ Too much tedious, technical detail and not enough "art" for my taste! :D
    I'll respond to you soon. I'm sorry, I've just gotten really bogged down with life right now.
    A simple feeling of appreciation for what I understood you to say, which the button sufficed to speak on my behalf. So yes, a 'no comment' comment to make.
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