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  • Hey. If that's what people use facebook or myspace for, what can I say to stop them? Profile pictures are only the best representation of a person.


    Edit: Also, I'm on break from the forum, I just had a inkling that someone sent me a visitor message (wink wink, nudge nudge) and I also wanted to check my blog; send me a pm instead, I'll get an email telling me I have one and I'll log in.
    Cuz people b stupid. If a person only has a profile picture up, that person is basically screaming buyer beware!
    XD. That's EPIC. Funny how the right camera angle can make anyone look amazing. The same about wrong camera angles....I have quite a few pictures of both >_<
    Hmm. That's a good use for it as well. The "Facebook girl" picture. It's really the facebook/myspace girl picture. Basically you just look down, perhaps a little bit to the right, and then you take a *intense* facebook picture. Makes you cool and seductive, y'know? :p. I'm making the assumption that I'm going to have a friends request on facebook the next time I sign in? :)
    Nice. I'm getting a very modern and sleek vibe from what you're describing. And the book case is a good idea! I've never thought about it. The "book case" would be a lot easier to use than a dresser. Course, anything would be better than the dresser I have...but you gotta work with what you have. So what would you use your dressers for then? If not for clothes? You could put your books in there! Every individual drawer would be a genre. That's actually pretty cool actually. Bit redundant but I like it!

    Aw, cute!

    Debates, to me, is just two people stating their opinions and discussing them. Arguments are when you try to attack someone.

    And wouldn't you like to know :p



    (scared that you might not get it yet?)




    Just playing; here it is :D.

    Ignore the facebook girl picture, it's more of a joke than anything
    Well.....I guess I can kinda see where someone might get that idea of they have never had a science class or even remotely paid attention to anything about nature. And you're going to IKEA to get your room redecorated? Nice. Have any theme or vibe you're going for? Hmm. I don't really have a good question, I need to be there to ask a good one. Question that I don't really expect you to ask: "Who's talking to a random creeper boy on some typology forum" or........hmm..."Who's most likely to be intellectually excited excited by a debate of philosophy?" ...Yeah...I'm a bit of a kill joy. :)

    Hmm....I actually did do that for quite a bit of time this year. I would go to sleep from 4 pm to 8, stay up from 8 to 3, and take a power nap until 6:30am (Morning jazz band sucks) haha, you're such a girl :p. Talking all night on facebook. I actually don't really use the chat on facebook that much, I have it permanently turned off and I don't send pm that much. I respond to statuses if I feel like it and I tend to send texts to people if I can't meet up with them (rl ftw)

    Ah, nice! I know a bit of C++ and Python. Nothing useful though
    Yeah, it happens lol. Eck, that's not good. I really disliked normal classes here people didn't care, I go to a school with a lot of ghetto and retarded people though...Now that I think about it, this one girl asked on the first day of class in psychology if we were going to be able to learn how to mind read and move stuff with our minds...Seriously. It was a serious question.

    Eh. I wouldn't go that far. There's a difference between a finely aged violin and one made in a machine shop. Still, I agree, if it's something like soap.....It's just soap, don't waste so much time and money on it.

    Ah, I see. It's ..really not actually, I guess people like to give things meanings. Haha, I'm very much the same way. One of my friends told me that I was like a brother to her, except that she would never be able to find my house if she needed me. Me mum is super critical about everyone, so I don't bother bringing my friends over usually, and I don't have a 'nice' house either. Livable. Not presentable.

    Oh~That's a nice game. We should play that! And yes, we can use that as an excuse. My handwriting was to sloppy to read afterwards, so it wasn't my fault I didn't study! I couldn't!

    My usual sleep schedule....Well...I guess in a way I really need something to wake up for because if I don't, I'll just continue to sleep an hour later until I get to a point where I decide that I need to set my bed time. I guess, for right now, my usual sleep schedule would be something like falling asleep at 3 am and waking up at 10.

    You might want to start enjoying the sleep you're getting now, with that killer schedule, you're not going to get much :p.

    You said earlier that you're taking AP programming, right? What're you going to learn in that class? Do you already know any computer languages like C++, Java?
    Yep, I was a senior last year!...this year!....last year? er. Well. I just graduated. Well, you're a junior, I'm sure you'll have time to fit it in senior year. Senior year is...interesting. It was rather annoying, personally. I do agree that most people just want to be done with school. And NICE! I wish I went to a school like that. I was screwed out of the schedule I truly wanted (AP Bio, AP chem, psych, band, jazz, per ap physics which is really a ap class because only students who care take it)

    Yep. Consumerism mind set ftw, yes? Although I'm rather rough with the various things I own, I suppose, I don't try to destroy them just so I can get a new one. Some things better with age, especially musical instruments. And, hey, you never know, those pens might shoot lasers out of them! Jeez...350$...I mean, I can understand having one nice pen that costs about 60...100 if you're really rich, but 350 on pens? Really >_>. You couldn't buy anything else?

    Really? Most groups of people say that but generally everyone is on the same attractiveness level psychologically speaking. Even still, it'll probably still be fun. You'll find some people with subconscious desires for each other and all. And my experience with sweet sixteens? Eh. I was kind of a dick when I was 16 (I still am now, just less of one) and as such, I didn't go to any. Didn't like people really. I just brought up the whole sweet 16 thing so I could shamelessly flirt with you ^^. And no party?! But you're a girl...and you're turning 16?! you mean girls can do that? (Just kidding) And hmm...that sounds like fun, but it also sounds like something you could do at home (I'd be a bad parent. I'd tell her to just stay the heck home if that's all she was going to do lol)

    I don't prefer to memorize names and dates, I like concepts. I'm also really good at recall though, so if I practiced, memorization comes easy to me. I learned the entire ranks of the army and air force, in order, in a night for example. And yep, that's why I loved the class. I didn't need to know dates (names helped though) I needed to know what it meant in the long run. Well...I took notes sometimes....I just never looked over them. Who does that? It was, quite frankly, amazing that I took notes in class, I usually don't even take notes. I just sit in class and listen and amazing I learn something...Don't ask me how.

    (I need a normal sleep schedule....Staying up for 6pm to 12pm isn't good for
    Oh...gosh. That's a tough schedule. My schedule for last year was Ap English, Ap Euro, Psychology, Business law, Jazz band, Concert band, Pre-ap pre calc (suck at math lulz) Spanish II and maybe another class. Your schedule is far more difficult than mine.

    Eh, true. I'm rather frugal though, I love saving money. Don't let doing things just for the simple reason of I can do them. I don't want to live in excess, I could use that money for something else; I could put money into a trustworthy organization.

    XD. Exactly. I want to be able to read scanlations and also be able to read some Japanese magazines (For video game reasons) perhaps I'll even play some video games.

    Well you're 16, that means we could still play, I've only recently turned 18 :p. No spin the bottle? You do realize truth or dare is much worse than spend the bottle, right? "Truth, do you want to make out with me" "(Answer really doesn't matter but lets assume it's yes to stroke my ego" "Dare make out with me (Doesn't really matter who says this) that could lead to many many things, relationships have been born due to truth or dare. Especially at sweet sixteen parties :p. Spin the bottle? Hmm...Not so much. Also, loaded questions? I never heard of it. What's that

    I know this is odd but I LOVED AP US History. I enjoyed the class so much, I didn't do well on the AP test. I didn't really learn anything in that class. I didn't remember dates, remember people's names, just remember everything relative to each other which isn't good. Didn't even take notes. Aced the class. Not the test. haha. Perhaps I should have taken notes, ya?

    Heh, I'm just making sure I didn't bore you with my drab conversation skills
    Romance languages ftw? Yeah? Also, what other classes and extracurriculars are you taking? Depending on the difficulty of the classes, it might not be too bad. Spanish II was easy down here but I don't even feel like I have a basic grasp of the language though. Hehe.

    Chrruos? Nice.

    Various places in the middle east and Japan. I'm leaning towards Tokyo, japan. I like the atmosphere and the sheer city feel of it. Also Akihabara. I just have a interest in the middle east, it's wierd. It might just be a passing thing though.

    Well, every language has a way to emphasis status and rank, it's just that the Japanese do it to such an extent that its clearly different than most european languages.

    Are you turning 18? What type of games are we going to play? Spin the bottle?

    (sorry, if this post is really choppy and not very well written. i'm a bit perturbed right now)
    Haha, thanks! If working is "fun", then yes I did. The family got together for a nice home-cooked meal, and I spent some time with friends, so in actuality it was a pretty good birthday. So have you been enjoying this crazy-hot Michigan summer?
    Hii welcome. I have a quick question.
    Do INTPs get flustered when INFJS can see when they are up to something?
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