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  • ahh.... gotcha... well thats kinda cool. not on the other forums that I am a member of. very cool function!!
    I'm ok... kinda bored this evening. i didnt stay late at the wedding and they all did. SO they are all being boring today.
    You and Denise and your luffy-duffy stuff.

    Where is that girl ?

    Don't tell her, but I kinda miss her.


    Sleep is for the weak sir!

    I'm doing alright, should be writing, but being lazy seeing as it's summer.

    Sorry we haven't spoke in so long:<
    God, you guys are weird.

    How are you dearest Enem?

    Safe in the clutches of some social structure I suppose?

    "They will see us waving from such great
    Heights, 'come down now,' they'll say
    But everything looks perfect from far away,
    'come down now,' but we'll stay..."
    Nah, a turtle is too inelegant for you sir.

    Some form of herbivore yes, but a silent sleek one.

    Aquatic perhaps?

    Or a specimen of deer?

    What do you relate to?
    I think some sort of passive animal or anime character would suit you sir, but I have not yet stumbled on the image!
    hey i couldn't help but read from Reon's page you're hesitant to post on the forums. i dont blame you, it can be intimidating, but if you can gain the courage to post your insights i for one would really love to hear them :hug:
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