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  • No its coming the in mall. Honestly I really like it. I need some nice happy to balance all my sad. Its nice to have something that is upbeat. I struggle with that.
    I like how short all your answers are in your latest comment! Are you still tired? =P

    I rewatched Civil Protection, lol. SO AMAZING.

    How are you? :)
    I was in EB games today with a friend and I saw "InFamous 2" posters everywhere and I was thinking: :eek: ! Detective Conan :D!

    *high five!* ^_^

    I like things D: What things would you show me? ;D

    Thanks for the super nice compliment! You're so kind :D! Do you use that line often? "Trust me; I'm a Detective"? I should hope so D: If not then friendship over!

    Did I say yet? I meant vet! We should take your dog in to the see the vet about his large nozzle (nose)! Yes, we should get on that right away ^_^ I think we could still be the duo that troll child molesters! D: Give me a chance, Conan! D:

    Eh, it was okay, to be honest. I liked Civil Protection more )=

    Hope you're sleeping well xo :D
    Did you go to bed? hmmm!
    If you did then goodnight :) ! Have a good sleep :D
    If not then .. uh...ignore this comment ;_;

    :D all around! I'm still impressed at how much we talk! 10 pages yo!

    Hmm! If that didn't sound so wrong, i wouldn't agree, but since it did then SOUNDS GOOD :D!

    What if I said I like potty humour? I don't but what if I did? WHAT IF I DIDIDIDIDID? ): hmmm, I guess you can keep it, but keep it on the down loooow :| I can't give them out to everyone you know :D!

    Your other thing would be either bad Pokemon jokes or hilarious pictures of Pikachu :D I enjoy all three.

    I shall resist for now :D I feel nosey. I don't like being nosey. It makes me question how big my nose is ):

    I don't associate you with a psycho! D: . . . .yet


    Watching now :)
    Haha, that you mention it, I am getting kind of bored..

    Just kidding :D VAMPIRE!

    Haha! ouch ): I guess you can relate, right?

    We could make it more weird? For the sake of keeping out conversation lurkers interested? :D Yes? No? Maybe so? UMM! "or on the panties you may be missing now" wat x_x;

    And I haven't heard of it and would like to see it :D Do your thing please. And by thing, I mean link me to hilarious videos :)

    Hmmm, if you did say that then that would be interesting :D! Left your drawer or my drawer open? I don't know why, but when you said that I was instantly reminded of the scene from psycho when Norman was looking through a peep hole at Marion o_O

    A woodchipper? lolwut?!

    Oh and ha, I meant I was orgasming by 9, if not younger. I actually remember masturbating since age 3 or 4, not positive when it became more than just feeling nice, but I know 9 for sure. And I was habitual...couple times a day. Even now, in between the days I actually get real sex. Lol, I can get really cranky otherwise.

    But I didn't mean starting young affecting my prime. I just meant that things don't seem any different between then and now. Who knows?
    lmao...I said the chaining multiples thing on purpose, figuring you'd understand what I mean, like combos in Street Fighter or in playing Dynasty Warriors with a huge musou bar, only with EXTRA ORGASM POWER!!! Haha :)

    I really don't know many girls who talk about this kind of thing, much less admit it, so I always have felt weird about it. Plus, I know I've been this way since I was at least 9, so Idk about the relevance to the sexual prime deal. *shrugs*

    I bet girls will be lovin you, almighty Zeus! ;)

    And yeah, I probs short-circuited something in my brain long ago, damn it! Oh well, too late now, ha!
    Is it that hard to believe? Afterall, you were the one who introduced me to them!

    HAHAHA, I just looked at my comment and realised you were right and now I feel like a pompous ass ): badcoco.

    It's funny YOU should say that xD and no reason <_<; I'm just going to ignore the taste comment in order to not jeopardise our friendship. Don't want shit to hit the fan D: . . .i really shouldn't of been talking about shit after talking about my panties. This is a weird conversation, Conan. Even for us.


    HA! YOU WISH! I'm a lady and would never do such a thing unless you wanted me to <___<;


    Maybe, but I'm no longer young myself :p

    Then again, they say women reach their sexual peak later, so...

    But it's always something that came easy to me (lol at pun) and surprised the hell out of my partners. Like I would orgasm before they thought I was even ready, or come while laying on my stomach while giving a bj without touching myself. Good for chaining multiples, though.

    Just one of my many useless talents, lol. Why can't I be good at something algebra or computer technology? :(
    I watched some old Civil Protection today and it reminded me of you :)

    Nawh. So nice.


    Plenty? Pfft, you can't even name one :D

    Fun sized! Ahah! Funny you should say that ! o: ! Did you like what you found? I like my panty taste! And as for the barking ones, I like them because they do what I'm too afraid to do. Bark at people. If they don't see my mouth move, they can't tie me to it :D

    Since you went through my drawers, does this mean I have a free pass to yours? Hmmm! (;
    tmi doesn't faze me, so meh. And for me, it's not like I try to be fast; it just happens, hahaha! Definitely not repetition to be blamed...I would know...been stroking the kitty often since before I knew what that even meant, lol.
    I don't think it's either good or bad if it's normal for you. It just is. I guess I find it surprising and interesting that some guys are like that. Then again, I am usually the opposite, which isn't exactly normal for a female, so what do I know, lol!
    I didn't think I was being vague...this made me curious is all:

    funny, but hardly the reason I take so long
    Well, if you need to romance yourself a little, nothing wrong with that. Don't want yourself knowing you're a sure thing! ;)
    Most guys I know finish pretty quick, especially when we're watching each other, but whatever works. :)
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