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  • Hahaha! Hey! I can handle criticism! You can give me your best shot, if you like. Don't know what there is to criticise though! :D

    Oh, so now you're calling me fat? You're so rude! ): Now who's taking low handed jabs?

    Oh no! I was kidding! Couldn't you tell!? D: Continue to point things out pl0x ^_^;

    HEEEEEEEY. Why are you always so mean to me? ): This is definitely a love-hate relationship ): me doing all the loving and you're doing all the hating D:
    ): mean. Are you one of those guys who likes to point out things? I hate those kind of guys :mad: !

    Fair call. Being cool isn't for everyone. You should know a thing or two about that (;
    Fact: The Fact Sphere is not defective. Its facts are wholly accurate, and very interesting.
    Fact: In Victorian England, a commoner was not allowed to look directly at the Queen, due to a belief at the time that the poor had the ability to steal thoughts. Science now believes that less than 4% of poor people are able to do this.
    FACT: Cellular phones will not give you cancer. Only hepatitus.

    What can I say? :D maybe you should make a blog? It's sole purpose could be listing all your cool traits and what not? or you could just spam every thread you come across with Detective Conan facts? :D
    These facts suck.

    Also, I think you're cool :)

    There. Someone else stroked your ego. It's not so sad anymore :D

    You're welcome :)
    Hahah! I didn't like Avatar much either! D:

    Pfft, objective fact. Ego stroking, dear conan :D

    Would you read it because I'm awesome? [/ego boost o.o] stroked your ego, I can stroke mine, don't hate D: !
    I've never seen Star Wars so I didn't enjoy it as much as my friends who have seen it and loved it lol o_O

    OH THAT IS GENIUS! I am sorry I ever doubted you ;D

    IF YOU WERE A LURKER, would you read our conversation? In this case you're not yourself but a lurker! If that makes sense which I don't think it did ):
    Lol, I actually watched it for the first time in ages yesterday and I was loling. I personally prefer the older episodes, though! =P

    This plan sounds good! Although since our lurkers are rapists/rappers, would they fall for the candy laced with chloroform? They would have used these tricks countless times themselves D: !
    [ame=""]Oh noooooo D:[/ame]

    You've got a point. What do you think we should do instead? D:

    lolol rappers xD. This is true. I should of taken their lifestyles into consideration. Lurkers/Rapists/Rappers, in advance, I'm sorry for judging you in a negative manner. Please, continue to stalk my conversation with Conan. We're both flattered, really :D
    Haha, oh noooo D:

    We need to get them to speak up. We should lure them out with candy or something!? People like candy, right? D:

    Oh Pedachu looks fantastically creepy! And the first one is what Pikachu would look like if he was a 59 year balding man that was potentially charged with rape and assault who is now in prison :| eeeeeeep!

    Did you just compare our lurkers with rapists!? Conan, nooooo! D: !

    Don't forget these Pikachus:




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