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Write a novel and get it published, move to Africa

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Jun 7, 2019
    1. Lucidmoon
      What a wonderfully kind thing to say! Thanks so, so much :)
    2. Saru Inc
    3. Ria
      Hi Cyrus thanks for the note. No I am not a Doctor, (although I wanted to be a surgeon, and had similar plans as yourself with regards to working overseas helping those in impoverished Nations). I never made it that far, because I ended up married in my early 20's, and we had to move around a lot for his work. Instead, I realized about eight years ago, that if I wanted a decent financial future, I would have to branch out on my own. I went back to school to get my Nursing degree, but he left before I finished my first year.

      I have been a single mother these years, and have not been able to continue with my degree. So, instead I used my first year Nursing to work as a Care-Aide. My "clients and residents" are exactly that, folks in the community who have a range of health issues, ranging from mobility concerns to dementia.

      I wish you all the best in Med school; it is a challenging but rewarding process. I'm interested to learn more about you, and look forward to reading your posts on the forum. See you on the threads!!
    4. dneecey
      I'm thoroughly enjoying your avatar. :)
    5. Korg
      Ah, okay. I can see how you'd wonder that based on the pictures I posted in my blog.
    6. Korg
      No. Why?
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    Write a novel and get it published, move to Africa
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    God, Water, Purpose, Communication, Expression of what's inside, a Home (not a house, but an emotional home-base)
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Life is a Musical
    I have 4 younger brothers.

    I feel like an enigma... for everything you could say about me, you could say something that sounds opposite as well. I'm both outgoing and shy. I love learning and hate studying. I hate hurting people's feelings and I am naturally driven to be blunt (or direct, depending on whether a thinker or feeler is receiving the comment :)). I was born in Seattle and I hate coffee (;)). These things can make sense (especially to Ni's!), but it takes a person who's really listening and paying attention to understand.

    I hate lying. That doesn't mean I don't evade...

    Medicine (namely Surgery!!), music, writing, making jewelry, thinking about things way too much