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  • Hi Cyrus thanks for the note. No I am not a Doctor, (although I wanted to be a surgeon, and had similar plans as yourself with regards to working overseas helping those in impoverished Nations). I never made it that far, because I ended up married in my early 20's, and we had to move around a lot for his work. Instead, I realized about eight years ago, that if I wanted a decent financial future, I would have to branch out on my own. I went back to school to get my Nursing degree, but he left before I finished my first year.

    I have been a single mother these years, and have not been able to continue with my degree. So, instead I used my first year Nursing to work as a Care-Aide. My "clients and residents" are exactly that, folks in the community who have a range of health issues, ranging from mobility concerns to dementia.

    I wish you all the best in Med school; it is a challenging but rewarding process. I'm interested to learn more about you, and look forward to reading your posts on the forum. See you on the threads!!
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