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Working towards a career in music and film.

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Dec 17, 2010
    1. Siamese cat
      Siamese cat
      Hi, how is the songwriting coming up? How are you these days?
    2. DoveAlexa
      Hey there. //huggles and gives you a muffin
      Thanks for your comment in the 'fake friends' thread. //shy
    3. Puck
      Hiya :wave:
      Thanks for dropping by my page. I hope all is well in your world. :)
    4. BlitheBriley
      Close, but those are actually Romantic writers. Charles Dickens, the Brontes, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Hardy, Robert Lewis Stevenson, etc. It's lit written during Queen Victoria's reign, so from the 1830's to around 1900. What you really wanted was an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Creative Writing. I think that'd be a cool program to complete; I almost studied creative writing rather than literature. I used to write a lot, but these days I don't have much time to work on my writing. :(
    5. BlitheBriley
      I'm specializing in Victorian Lit, but I also really enjoy British 18th Century lit as well. I'll start working on my thesis next semester. I plan to write in the "New Woman" as presented in the literature. What would you have specialized in if you'd follow through on grad work in lit?
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    Working towards a career in music and film.
    Is this necessary?
    Took a test where I learned a considerable amount about myself, having qualities of an INFJ. Moved to another country, and want to meet new people. I think people who are introspective and aware are so rare that they seem invaluable to me. It's hard to find people who are like this. So I would like to find more of them, please.

    I am very easy-going, very open-minded, and only get angry when I feel someone is being treated unfairly.

    Writing and recording music, writing poetry, writing screenplays, discussing film. Discussing what goes on behind the making of any great work of art.

    Rock & Roll. Everything about it. It's origins, history, 90's rock, the latest rock & roll band.

    The motivations of a person's words and actions. I love discussing this, in any context.

    I studied literature, professional writing, philosophy and film. Been writing songs since I was 14 and continue to write songs.

    Italian, Spanish, English, Argentinean, & American soccer.

    Comedy. From 80's SNL all the way to British comics, Canadian comics, American comics. I really appreciate and respect it as an artform and how brilliant and unique many comedians are. They see things that most people SHOULD see, but often don't.