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  • When are you going to stop being stubborn and come over to PerN to duke it out with Sim? EH? EH? :-P
    that is funny, i think your point of view is a bit skewed as i managed to press one of your buttons. but hey, maybe my enfp older and infj best friend have rubbed off on me, that and i swerve in and out of my shadow like crazy hahaha. either way kid, its interesting to hear, after all i could be wrong. right well have a good one pal, thanks for your input.
    lol I never claimed to know what everyone is thinking, but I can see you're peeved so I'll let you be. I didn't mean to press a button or what have you, just trying to understand and chat and what not but hey its cool, take care man.
    Well it seems rather rude to assume you know better then anyone else here, but hey whatever you say pal. I suppose you could be like an expert or something, but that is besides the point.

    I think you are maybe looking at this all wrong, people come to forums to find a sense of community that they may lack in real life. Add the charm of being able to keep this place separate from your real life if they so choose and you have a place that seems safe.

    It's not all about making sure you have the right type, or even a type. There are a few people who either don't know or don't bother to divulge what type they think they are. People are not looking for something to quote on research papers or whatever, they are simply looking for someone to relate to. Someone to talk to, vent to, people to advise them, encourage them. A place to just chill and be, talk about random things even, and hopefully find like minded people along the way.

    As people we all look to be understood on some level I think, and if its not a forum about types where they find this, then it's on a forum about being a single mom, a recovering drug addict, an armature writer... No one really really gives a damn, except for a few people like you I suppose.

    Not to say that types aren't important or that other labels aren't fitting for some, simply that this isn't the right place to try and get it 100% right.. It's a place to have FUN with a theory, not to stress it. Its a place for eventual self discovery, for everyone, and pointing out that many people don't know themselves is rather redundant.

    lol wow, I sure did ramble a whole lot. right well have I suppose you have your reasons for being concerned that other people on here can't make informed choices. I worry about random things too sometimes, so who am I to say anything. :) have a good one man.
    oh no man don't worry about it, we're just talking. no need to be so serious :) i was simply saying you're gonna end up dissapointed if you look for facts in a place of public opinion. still all the best, thanks for being polite, thats another good thing about this forum, everyone is pretty polite even when they get a little intense about random things. all the best !
    Crucial? Really? Then you are in the wrong place dude. This is not a forum full of pros, just normal people who think they know themselves and are having fun with concepts that they hope will lead to better understanding. It seems pointless to search for factual information on a forum that is all just opinion based... not even professional opinion in many cases. You are taking a forum of random people and expecting to gather important info? It just seems like you are going about it the wrong way, this place is for fun the moment anything become "crucial" (aside from IDK a little common sense and respect for your fellow poster) Is the moment you are taking a fun thing too seriously.. But that is just my take on it lol.

    Anyway I'm an ESTP as far as I know, I'm on here because I have a crush on an INFJ in real life. She intrigues me and frustrates me, I love it. Her and I are only friends at this point, and while I'm no longer pursuing her as I was before I've found this forum to being interesting and helpful still... so I am still here.
    you seemed to be asuming i had mistaken my type. calling bs is like saying " you're wtong or bluffing" and in that sense you made an asumption. its not a big deal just seems kind of pointless.
    Hey Adymus, wanted to apologize for not replying to your earlier pm, just got distracted with real life/other internet stuff/got lazy, lol, but I greatly appreciated your advice on how to develop as an INTP (with Ti leading the way for the development of the other functions). I've been keeping it in mind since I read it, and it does indeed seem to work more effectively in terms of developing my character than letting the functions develop randomly. Owe you a big thanks, and hope you won't mind if I hit you up with some more inquiries in the future sometime :)
    then why bother to make an assumption to begin with? i found it funny that you claimed i'm not an estp when you don't know me haha. okay well if i ever make a vid i'll post it on the forum maybe.
    Btw, Lenore knows Keirsey and Beebe. According to her, Keirsey's a fucking idiot. Beebe's pretty good.
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